the results of my hair mineral analysis test

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    My adrenals and tiroid are underactive.In a word, I suffer from adrenal fatigue.

    I knew it before taking the test.

    Potassium and sodium are very low.

    Calcium is too much high= hypotiroidism

    I think my adrenal fatigue is due to too much stress and the major cause of stress is too much ejaculation.

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    well adrenal fatigue will take time to replenish, suppose you prepared the right changes in your life whic are mainly:-

    1- low stress, or controlled stress

    2- good diet that is low in carbs moderated wiith good source of protein, ans fibre

    3- no sugar, no refined carbs ( or reduced to most of what you can)

    4-good sleep.

    5- proper supplementation that icludes vitamin b ( b50 or b 100 once or twice, vitamin c 1000-3000mg, b5 500mg, vitamin d 2000iu, vit e 200 iu, manesium 500 mg..etc)

    the best thin also is to add a 1/4 table spoon of sea salt or less with a squeeze of lemon and water and drink it early morning.

    look into blood tests for the next check up.

    hope this helped



    thank you

    At the end of my hair mineral analysis test, they suggested those supplements:

    1) Magnesium 375 mg;

    2) Zinc 30 mg;

    3) A supplements which contains Betacarotene 6 mg, Vitamina D3 10 mcg, Vitamina E 150 mg, Vitamina C 250 mg, Vitamina B1 75 mg, Vitamina B2 75 mg, Niacinamide 75 mg, Vitamina B6 75 mg, Acido Folico 400 mcg, Vitamina B12 75 mcg, Biotina 75 mcg, Acido Pantotenico (da pantotenato di calcio) 75 mg, Calcio 30 mg, Potassio 5 mg, Ferro 1 mg, Magnesio 4 mg, Zinco 1,5 mg, Rame 20 mcg, Manganese 1,5 mg, Iodio (da ioduro di potassio) 75 mcg, Colina 75 mg, Inositolo 75 mg, Betaina 25 mg, P.A.B.A. 75 mg, Acido L-glutammico 25 mg, Bioflavonoidi da agrumi 25 mg, Rutina 25 mg, Esperidina 5 mg

    4) “Adrenal” which contains Vitamina C



    Acido Pantotenico


    Vitamina B1, B6

    Ginseng radice

    Eleuterococco radice

    Liquirizia radice (Licorice)

    5) supplements which contains betaina and pepsina

    6) another supplement which contains vitamins and Papaina, Bromelina,Colina

    Let’s see…



    Good supplement protcol, but a small advise for need to take copper 2 mg a day (not with zinc) or it may have an impact on your Iron uptake .

    Hope youll find some improvements.

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