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    of the symptoms in chillins post I also have high reverse T3. I know this is related to cortisol.

    upon reviewing my one saliva cortisol x4 results all the results are kinda shity. Sure there in range but alot of them barely. I definetly need to redo this no doubt in my mind.

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    frenchi, what kinda tylenol is it ? and what dosage? I might give it a try.



    Tylenol Extra Strength should work. 2 500mgs pills.




    What are your symptoms ?

    If its like mine and Nirvana’s then we can tell you other supplements that will help.

    Basically if you have elevated Prostagladin E2 (elevated inflammation) then suppressing it will help alleviate symptoms dramatically.

    We know we have elevated prostaglandin E2 because tylenol makes us feel better and the function of tylenol is to reduce PGE2.

    The 2 ingredients: acetaminophen and dextromethorphan work together to reduce PGE2. The ideal ratio of the two should be

    1000 mg acetamipnophen: 30-50 mg dextromethorphan

    1 tylenol cold day extra strength yellow tablet has 500 acetaminophen and 10 mg Dex. So taking 2 will give you a ratio of 1000:20.. which is great.

    You can take other products with the same ingredients like some cough syrups have 500:15 mg ratio per tablet.. so it should be even more effective.. I bought a pack by Brand Benylin.. will try it out tomorrow.

    Advil and Asprin should also work but apparently they are less safe than Tylenol.

    If you’re committed to using Tylenol long term… then start taking milk thristle and NAC to keep liver safe.. and consider SAM-e to be even more safe.



    Then there’s also Curcumin.. which is weaken than tylenol but also works at suppressing PGE2 and is perfectly natural.



    My symptoms are mostly:

    feel like SHIT in the morning, feel better within 45 minutes of awakening, with a crash that varies from 11am – 2pm. Then in the evening i will feel better.

    If i attempt to workout, i will have a worse sleep (feel heart beat, more adrenaline, more wakeups) the next morning post workout im guaranteed to have bloodshot eyes with goop in them, along with a tight sore back, brain fog (not severe), slowness in movements, less flexibility more fatigue, stomach disturbances like more bloating,gassy, rumbling. etc

    Lots and lots of eye floaters (special thanks to Hans suggestion of research Liquidex which brought it on)

    WAY SHITTIER athletic performance, i was one of the best natural atheletes out of anyone i know, and now my muscles fatigue alot faster, reflexes are dimmed, speed and stamina and explosivity is gone to shit. If im playing basketball, i SEE the ball in front of me but my body is slower to react to it and grab it like i used to be able to do. It’s like the signal to react isnt as fast now. This one hurts because i gain alot of self confidence from sports.

    Twitchy calf muscles, lots of fasciculations, dont give a shit about this one but its an interesting symptom.

    My bed time and wakeup time constantly drift towards going to bed later and waking up later. I really have to TRY to go to sleep before 3 AM.

    If i wake up in the morning, i feel alot colder than if i were to wake up at 2pm. Hands and Feet especially. Along with worse symptoms in the morning as previously mentioned. I tend to run my hands under hot water for a few minutes for relief.

    I think im growing a varicocele, i feel thicker veins in my left nutsack

    Depression varies from low to non existant, thank god i guess i have a strong resistance to it.

    Increased anxiety as i spend more time outside of the house, im normally a bit shy and anxious, but its not too bad. But if i go out to shoot some pool for example, i feel ‘okay’ the first hour or whatever, and as time goes on i get increased “inner shakiness”, hunger goes CRAZY and i have to eat a crapload of fatty/protein rich food, knees start getting sore for no real reason, get headachy and tired.

    I also sometimes go hypochondriac/ocd mode for a few days worried about an ache or pain or possible sickness i have, then it subsides.

    Did take finasteride for 6 months in 2007, not sure if related, crash occurred in April 2009.

    Blood Tests

    Hemoglobin 154 (135 – 180)

    Hematocrit .451 (.370 – .540)

    WBC Count 4.9 (4 – 11)

    RBC COUNT 4.73 (4.50 – 6.50)

    MCV 95.4 (80 – 97)

    MCH 32.6 (27-32)

    MCHC 342 (320-360)

    RDW 13.4 (11.0 – 14.5)

    Platelet Count 149 (150-400)

    Neutrophils 2.4 ( 2 – 7.5)

    hs-CRP <.2

    Glucose Fasting 5.2 (3.3 – 6.0)

    Magnesium .76 (.65 – 1.05)

    Creatinine 93 (60 – 127)

    eGFR 88

    Urate 257 (180 – 450)

    Sodium 141 (135 – 146)

    Potassium 3.8 (3.5 – 5.2)

    Chloride 100 (95 – 108)

    Albumin 44.7 (33.0 – 46.0)

    Calcium 2.48 (2.15 – 2.60)

    Phosphate 1.38 ( .90 – 1.52)

    ALT 21 (4 – 43)

    Hemoglobic A1C .053 (.040 – .060)


    Microalbumin (RUR) 9.0 (Below 15)

    Creatinine (RUR) 26.8 (5.0 – 13.0)

    Microlab /Creat .3 (below 2)

    Cholesterol 5.44 (Below 4.60)

    Triglycerides .61 ( Below 1.71)

    HDL 1.60 (>1.29)

    LDL 3.56

    CHOL/HDL ratio 3.40


    TSH 2.13 (.30 – 4.70)

    T4 Free 19.2 (9.1 – 23.

    T3 Free 4.9 (2.5 – 5.7)

    Vitamin B12 600 (>131)

    Ferritin 184 (27 – 220)

    CORTISOL AM SERUM 459 (101 – 536)

    LH 2.1 (1.1 – 8.

    FSH 2.6 (1.0 – 13.6)

    Testosterone 21 (6 – 30) — about 600 ng/dl

    Free Testosterone 46.5 (15.6 – 146)

    Bioavailable Testosterone 5.8 (2 – 8.6)

    Estradiol 51 (0 – 161)

    Progesterone 1 (0 – 4)

    Prolactin 5.7 (2.6 – 13.1)

    DHEA-S 12.1 (<11.0)

    SHBG 33 (13-71)

    This was 1 year ago, im getting some more bloodwork done soon



    Damn thats alot of shit, im surprised….. There’s probably more im forgetting



    ALOT of your symptoms and tendencies remind me of how things have been for me the last 14 months.

    that sucks you took finasterside but if the crash occured two years later then theres a good chance you can rule it out as a reason.

    its weird though i thought your am cortisol would be lower but whatever one test cant tell much.



    get retested asap

    i thought i was cruising by fine with 700+ test levels but all it takes is a simple epstein barr virus and wham

    you got the low cortisol and low thyroid and low test



    Damn a lota symptoms. But nothing that can’t be healed.

    Ya the finasteride probably contributed to the damage but doesn’t seem like the root cause.

    Your prolactin is low so that’s good. Estradiol seems ok.

    TSH, T3 , T4 are elevated like most people here. Free T is low.. pretty typical too.

    Ya you need to get 4x cotrisol. And order an amino acid test for 80$. It’ll show if you have low serotonin, whether you have low or normal dopamine, and gaba. I’m sure amino acid supplementation will help even on its own.

    I think with aminos, something to boost cortisol + thyroid supps you should be fine. Basically what most people here need.



    I was under the impression that neurotransmitters cannot be measured reliably because they act in the brain tissue



    that’s not true.

    I don’t know the specifics.. but plenty people here have gotten neurotransmitters tested and then had success by adding in amino aicds to their protocol.

    It’s worked for Js, Chris, Yuhu, and some others..

    Typically your serotonin and gaba (actually all inhibitory neuros) should be low.. and your dopamine + norepinephrine should be either very low or very high. Both indicate a state of sympathetic dominance. And would explain PE.

    So you would boost serotonin and gaba with sublingual 5-htp and gaba.. and if your body responds well to tyrosine then introducing it as well can give you a libido boost. higher dopamine –> higher testosterone –> more libido, and perhaps it will even reduce the dopamine to norepinephrine conversion. Different people respond differently.



    that essentially is true. Numerous internet sources along with Mariano and other doctors confirm this to be true.

    Nevertheless neurotransmitter testing will give you a decent idea of what your central nervou system levels are like. Is it a 100 percent accurate no ofcourse not but 80 percent is good enough. you just need a general idea to see whats good and whats bad and to figure out dosing.

    Not to mention you retest every few months and see prgoress. Im sendin in my first retest soon. So will have results and will be able to judge efficiency in the next few weeks.

    And it has worked for others.



    Id have to ask my doc about it but im not sure how to get it tested in canada, we seriously have third world testing procedures. PE is premature ejaculation? I dont think i have that, certainly not the majority of the time at least.

    Just to be clear, im not a “sexual exhaustion” guy like alot of people here, but i do have alot of similar symptoms.

    I do have sympathetic dominance, for sure. I think ive had a degree of it for my whole life, norepinephrine is probably high.

    Chilln reccomends Preg TD for neurotransmitters, is sublingual a better option? is there any evidence of this? SO many directions to go lol.

    Its even worse because i dont really have a legit diagnosis to be honest, Adrenal dysfunction/fatigue is what my doc thinks, but that can stem from SO many different root causes, the trick is to figure out what the hell is going on as im only 22 and been suffering since the crash @ 20 years old.



    Sexual exhaustion usually comes together with PE (premature ejaculation).. so you don’t have that.. that’s already great. Means your norepinephrine might not be messed up afterall.

    I couldn’t find 1 place to get neurotransmitter testing done in Canada. Just don’t waste your time and order the amino acid kit for $80 from the states.

    I don’t know why your doc would say you have adrenal fatigue based on that one AM cortisol value. Your value is near top range, as it should be. You need 4x cortisol to confirm.

    Considered seeing Dr. Crisler?

    Where city are you from?



    I’m from Toronto.

    My doctor made that call Via the symptoms i told him all about, i am going to take a 4x saliva test kit. I already paid 750 bucks for this guy so im going to give him a shot and if theres no improvement then i will think about the american doctors like crisler/mariano. But he seems willing to work with me rather than against me so that’s good.



    I’m from toronto too

    Who’s the guy? maybe I’ll see him too.

    does he specialize in hormones? what does the 750$ include?

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