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    Good Read, its funny how they knew this stuff in the 1900’s.

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    Amazing…the guy talks almost like the same language we have used on this forum. Thanks, I will post this link to the “Sticky: symptoms…” first post.

    “It will of course be necessary for each one to study his own problem

    Good books, poetry, history, oratory, music and all inspiring forms of art are among the re-fining influences that are valuable to’ raise the level of one’s thoughts to a higher plane. Beautiful pictures are helpful.

    To what extent can one overcome the effects of self-abuse? It would be impossible to give an answer to this question that would fit all cases. It depends partly upon the natural strength possessed by each individual, partly upon the extent to which he has indulged in the practice and partly upon how long and faithfully he works to improve himself. In what I may call the aver-age case the prospects of satisfactory results are always good. Cases even much worse than the average are always hopeful. Even where there is impotence it is often possible to recover a fair degree of virility.

    I do not mean to say that a man can always regain quite the same degree of sexual strength that he would have possessed if he had never abused himself excessively, but as a rule what I would term a satisfactory degree of manhood can be regained. If one has not gone too far, such a degree of vigor may be recovered that no permanent injury will be noticeable. In any case, the results are more than worth striving for. ‘

    I will say frankly that one cannot expect to bring about revolutionary changes in a week or a month. It would take a considerable time. If the habit has extended over a period, of years it may take two or three years of persistent physical culture, clean living and clean thinking to realize a satisfactory change for the better. Re-member that I cannot promise such quick or such complete results in extreme eases as in the aver-age. Yet a few months will accomplish wonders for some persons. Perhaps I might say that as a general rule the length of time for getting satisfactory results depends partly upon the number of years during which the victim has been under the influence of the habit, with the reservation that the condition is much more serious when the practice has been commenced at or near puberty than when it has been begun in maturity or near maturity.

    The habit is injurious at any time of life, however, owing to the drain upon the constitution and the weakening or exhaustion of the nerve centers which it involves. It is truly an outrage upon the body — to such an extent that the effects are not only physical but moral or psychic as well. The mind and soul of the victim seem to be tainted at the same time that the body is weakened and sexual power impaired by this degrading practice.

    Masturbation is often thought to be more harmful to boys than to girls, because of the direct drain upon the resources of the body in the case of the male through the loss of the seminal fluid. But when one considers the havoc wrought upon the more delicate nervous systems of young omen it is not always so certain that they suffer less seriously from the practice than do young men.

    Naturally the injury that results from this particular evil is influenced, to a very large ex-tent, by two factors : first, the general vital vigor of the victim, and, second, by the effects on the whole physical fabric. For instance if one is what might be termed “high strung,” possesses a delicately-adjusted and keenly-sensitive nervous system, the effects of a habit of this sort would be far greater than in those who might be de-scribed as phlegmatic in temperament. The phlegmatic temperament is usually protected by superior vitality, but, also by less inclination to indulge in a habit of this sort. Therefore, it might be said that the more ability one possesses, the more alert and keen one’s mental capacity, the greater would be the inclination towards a habit of this sort and the greater would be the harm wrought by its indulgence.



    I think it’s NOT a problem for a majority of men.

    We just have a weaker nervous sytem.



    i think the majority of men dont ejaculate a number of times daily for years on end



    ive noticed that a lot of people here are also would make sense to say that early on in life at a time when body development is still taking its course and just after this time period…the nervous system is at its most delicate time…and even with a nervous system of steal if you remove nutrients faster than they can be replaced…along with a bad diet/stressfull life will end up in this position.



    fucking great init



    I began to have problems when i was 14. Before i had a lot energy but i was very nervous (maybe hyperactivity). That’s why i think our nervous system is weak : low capacity to rest energy especialy with sex, very sensible to stress… etc.

    If you add : weak nervous system + bad food we eat + too much stress (like using too much computer for me ) = a tired body And when u add sex then : u come in exhaustion.

    But a body not tired has no problem with sex.



    you started having sexual problems aged 14…am i right in thinking you were masterbating before the age of 14?

    what age did you start?



    6 months before. I start to have problems with puberty. I have only sometimes fatigue and attention deficiency since 14 to 16. After 16, i have this problems each time.

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