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    Has anyone else experienced thinning/dying hair from sun exposure? What could be causing this?

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    What do you mean by dying hair?

    If you’re here because of a hormonal problem that you have, that could explain the thinning hair.

    I know the sun could probably fizzel your hair or whatever girls call it, but i dont know if it’d make it fall out or dye or whatever since hair is basically already dead.

    i know people with hormonal problems cant grow healthy hair.

    The sun however could burn your scalp and damage your follicles, which could kill your hair too. But it doesnt sound like you have a burnt scalp.

    In my situation, my hair is thinning, my receding hair line has gone back at least 3 itches in the past 5 years, (27 years old), and i have random grey/silver/clear like hairs too that are super easy to break off.



    DHT is the hormone that is probably causing your hair to fall out and thin. back when i was overmasturbating my hair was shedding like crazy and thinning and my acne was pretty bad. after doing a lot of research i became quite certain that it was the testosterone-DHT conversion during masturbation that was causing me to have high levels of DHT and get acne and lose hair. look up DHT’s effects on balding and you’ll see what im talking about

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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