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    I have found something that may be useful in this site:

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here




    Now that was funny. Is there anyone who actually has the need to masturbate 6 times a day, I mean that you would so horny that you need to masturbate that often. I used to do that sometimes but

    a) I developed various symptoms, and went overly stressed

    b) I was not really naturally horny, what I mean that when I saw beautiful girl on the street that did not ignite any sexual thought whatsoever. It was the porn which I used to ‘create’ horniness.

    Even today when I’m pretty well recovered and do all these various healing methods like yoga, relaxing and healthy eating I can not continuously ejaculate every day or every other day without it starting to cause various symptoms and weakness. The cold weather where I live does not certainly make the healing rate any better.

    Thanks for the link Sanjana and welcome to the forum.



    Is there a relation between cold weather and healing?



    Usually the sexual energy is the strongest in spring ( also in animals, they mate in spring ) and late summer ( humans also have peak sexual energy in late summer ).

    Cold and damp weather creates extra toll to the body, thats why many people develop depression,asthma, fatique and dampness to their bodies when the weather starts getting cold in fall. It depends of course how cold and how damp.

    Those who have lots of warm chi ( energy ) in their bodies and who have good metabolism, are not affected by weather changes at least in significant amounts.

    I have this problem.



    if you feel cold often, thats an indictator of hypothyroidism




    Thats a good point. Every symptom mentioned in this group may be correlated to hypothyrodism. But that may not always the case. When a body is in fatigue condition, even a normal winter conditions may look severe. So, before anyone comes to conclusion that they are sexually exhausted, they should verify if they have hypothyrodism. If not then they can think of this SE (sexually exhausted) state. I belive that there is condition called SE due to over masturbation and the supplements which i think should work are:

    1) calcium.

    2)egg yolk


    4) b complex.

    cause i dont take fish oil and other stuff mentioned in the link posted. I am also afraid of other big names of the supplements mentioned in this group. But calcium and other supplements mentioned by me are just a part of good diet, so may not have any negetive effects on health.

    These along with celibacy and good exercise may help in boosting the neurtransmitters that have been drained from the body.




    hi sanjana,

    why do u think calcium can help? is it associated with boosting any neuro-transmitter?





    interesting you mention calcium. I think its one of the easier things you can get from diet. also 6 times per day of masturbation sounds crazy.



    to me it does not sound crazy… at the peak of my addiction to porn i masturbated and ejaculated six times and more… of course the whole thing was fueled by the fires of porn.. without porn i don’t think i could have gone to six times… but it was that over-ejaculation that eventually caused my sexual exhaustion




    Thats true. Personally speaking, I do not have hypothyroidism, since I went to doctors office in 2005 and all tests came back normal.

    Another cause is the adrenal fatique. But I´m never tired either if I do not ejaculate excessively.

    I just feel so much better when the weather is warm and sun shines. But I´m very skinny guy so maybe I´m not that suitable to cold weathers.

    I agree that 6 times a day is crazy, If one masturbation session lasts 30-60 minutes, the guy would masturbate 3-6 hours every day thats insane.



    Blue shark i think u have been using some of the supplements like any of them work?



    I think boosting Dopamine must have an effect. But boosting dopamine will boost noradrenalin and adrenalin too. (increasing catecholamines turnover) Maybe not the best solution (adrenale fatigue).



    you need todo body temp and test Free t3, free t4 to see if you got thyroidism



    actually i think Magnesium is much more important to calicum, since magnesium carries calicum throughout the body.

    the 3 most important minerals are ZInc, MAG, Calcium



    did u get my PM?



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    A few months of abstinence may not always help to recover. This is my observation after seeing the logs of recovery of many people and also personal experience. I think the reason for this is deppression. Once a person goes into deppression which is due to the chemkical imbalance of the brain, irrespective of the efforts, it will take some years for him to come to normal. If some does any research on deppression, its kinds and recovery, this could be understood. But during this period he should not become to much worried about his sexual condition. One should be try to be relaxed, eat healthy and try to become normal.

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