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    I know these two organs are related, but I was unsure how. From my understanding, adrenal glands affect the thyroid gland because cortisol and DHEA is needed in the conversion process of T4 to T3 and in other conversion processes. So if those are low(ala adrenal fatigue), it can cause hypothyroidism. I remember there also being something mentioned about a iodine defiency. From my understand this affects the thyroid, but then inturn affects the adrenals…

    I’ve seen alot of people having good success with Maca root bringing their adrenals back up to par, which in turn would help the thyroid.

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    Do you mean adrenal fatigue causes Hypothyroidism?

    And what is the optimal dose of Maca to boost my adrenal



    Yes, thats what I’m saying…but my question was that I’m not exactly sure if hypothyroidism can cause adrenal fatigue…

    I think one should start at round 5g(1 teaspon) of maca then overtime increase to about 15g or so(3 teaspon or 1 tablespoon)



    depends why you have hypothyroid. if its like me and max its not created by adrenal fatigue because we have auto-immune hashimotos.

    i believe hypo patients get adrenal fatigue due to underactive thyroid. adrenals have to work harder. when treated adrenals have to be fixed first and stabilized before thyroid treatment can begin. if adrenal issue is minor than it can be addressed simultaneously with thyroid or it can correct itself when thyroid is supported.

    adrenal insufficiency is easier to treat in one sense because patients need full replacement as a lifelong treatment, while adrenal fatigue sufferers need less than full replacement and for short term in comparison.



    It what came first the chicken or the egg?

    Most likely high cortisol wear down the thyroid causing high rt3 then overtime the thyroid took a nose dive because the adrenals could not keep up with the demand of it. MACA is a good choice for hormone support and it works well in alot of men and better more so in women.

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