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    I’ve noticed on the area of very lower abs just above pubes and even in the pubic area it is painful and tight. I can get deep in there with thumbs and some lubrication like soap in shower to massage. What I have discovered that when I roll over what I believe to be knots I get pain followed by a surge of energy to my penis and it immediatly changes from a shrivelled state to a healthy full size almost like a minor erection.

    This leads me to believe I may have a restriction down there and need to massage these painful spots

    what’s everyones thoughts? Anyone have similar experience.

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    Learn to relax these painful spots and breathe to them. Deep breathing.



    You need to walk for 1hr or more , because it helps in regulating the blood circulation over there.



    I can agree with you. I now think that the “classic” idea of “Sexual Exhaustion” like Dr. Lin made in public and was discussed here the last few years is a Marketing Scam to sell bullshit products to guillabe guys suffering from sexual disfunction, which is brought on by 1 of 2 things:

    1. Either by hormonal imbalance/conditions like Max and Pimp promote it here: Low testosterone, etc.

    2. Or by chronic tensioning of the pelvic floor, caused by general anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, which in some individuums lead to a build up of so called triggerpoints and chronic tensed tissue in general. This in turn can lead to irritated nerves and restricted bloodflow, which of course effects all the sensitive organs and processes in the pelvic floor: Penis, testicles and sexual function, urination, etc.

    Dr Wise and Dr. Anderson from the The National Center for Pelvic Pain Research in California found a way of treatment, called the “Stanford Protocol”, which involves a daily relaxation routine, advice for anxiety therapy and most importantly a daily external and INTERNAL massage to dissolve these hard knots in the muscles called triggerpoints that can cause so much pain and disfunction.

    SO if you are interested we can discuss ways of self-treatment, because I found for myself that this is the most likely cause for my troubles.

    Some links:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Alpha how did you go with this. Can you pm me to have a chat. This is my problem for sure.




    Doppler. Penis test will verify blood flow issues



    Doppler. Penis test will verify blood flow issues



    Hard, one of the urologist I went maked me a test with a thing that trembled and he asked me when I did stop feeling the tremor and also put a thing in the in the beggining of the penis and I heard the typical noises from a doppler and he said that my penis flow was normal.

    Was it a doppler?



    It.measures muscle contraction and blood through the penis when injected with a shot giving u instant boner.

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