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    Listen, sitting 8 hours or more every day in front of computer isn’t the healthiest things to do. The important nerve pathways get blocked and you can find your health falling apart without knowing what the hell is going on. Actually, the blockages can be anywhere in the body.

    What is even more wicked, that the sensitive spots can be actually quite hard to find or massage, you may not be able to find all the important point in one posture.

    I do full body massage first by standing and then by sitting some parts.

    The legs and buttocks are best massage by lying down on bed on your back. Then raise the knees, and massage well the big muscles behind your thighs and buttocks. You may find they are extremely sensitive if you have never massaged them.

    Blockages anywhere in body does cause disease, real diseases that is the direct result of the energy and blood not flowing smoothly.

    Sitting in cross legged position most of the time is very beneficial, it is the most natural sitting position to us.

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    Another thing I want to mention is using the mouse. It is well known in many alternative health books and taoist practitioners that computer users suffer lots of various problems in higher amounts than people who use less if any computers. One thing is that the certain parts of the body is under constant pressure all that time, and this of course creates blockages. When there are blockages, all kind of problems gradually rise. One good technique is using the mouse according to these pictures, I have read this from source I do not remember any longer, but holding my hand like these have cured my breathing problems which start to appear after longer sessions with computers.

    Massage is good, but still if parts of body is still under constant pressure i.e. 8 hours a day, this can cause problems.

    Please post your tips for computer users if any. I know many of your problems is linked to your computer usage.



    I´m a huge fan of researching how the make sure if the energy, blood and neurotransmitters and neurochemicals flow smoothly in the body. I understand the body is perfectly integrated one system and thats why all kinds of weird pains all over the body are linked to many organ problems too. Acupunture is also based on that theory. Massage, stretching, qi gong, avoiding computers and sitting in same posture for too long, exercise, all these can help accomplish this task.



    it takes a lot more energy to use the mouse like that…. id rather rest my hand on the mouse since its easier to control the mouse and it feels better.

    but i’ll try the new method



    Actually, you can hold your elbow-joint on the table, so it is very easy to hold hand like that. It does not mean you have to keep your whole hand in the air.

    It is very important to find ergonomic posture for using computer / working on desk. It will eliminate lots of problems.

    I can tell i.e. that many older generation people would literally go crazy if they would have to sit in front of computer every day for several hours. My grandpa goes skiing, chops woods and stuff like that every day and his over 70. He’s still very masculine, has deep sharp voice with excellent health. On the other hand, using tv is sometimes too complex for him nevertheless using computers.



    When sitting on chair, reduce the weight on your legs and put more weight on your hips.



    Develop a healthy and straight posture while working on desk, otherwise your lungs might get blocked causing many symptoms.



    When sitting on chair, become conscious of the tension in the stomach and let it go. Relaxing the stomach in every posture is of extreme importance.



    Doing jumps can be very beneficial.

    I really sense that excessive sitting will create blockages to the body and cause stagnation to the digestion for example.

    We should work closely to eliminate all the blockages, both physical and mental.

    Whole body massage, when done very carefully can probably take care much of the blockages, but still some forms of physical exercise is essential.

    I try to do few dozen jumps every day, it does good to your legs.

    Afterwards some relaxing practices ( try to feel the actual relaxing effect on the body ) and some mediation ( natural deep breathing, while body is perfectly relaxed ) is very powerful routine.

    I have a little practice session in the morning, and more longer in the night before I go to sleep. These are things that really keeps my body healing…

    I am very interested in what kind of practices, postures, physical exercises, meditations, etc. others use to aid in healing?



    i do jumping on the rebounder

    this cleans out the lymph system

    good stuff not too intense for us drained of energy people



    Jumping is actually very good…might be much better than running.

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