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    Ok, i have enough of it. I give it up.

    The last week i felt worse and worse again, without any fucking reason!

    It is, as if our body want to play a fucking game with us. I don’t know guys, like i said, maybe it’s a psychological problem. I mean, i can just speak for me, but, all the SE pains and dysfunction, chronic gastrointernal problems, chronic muscle pain, visual problems, chronic fatigue… i feel like my whole body is falling apart and every doctor tells me everything is right and it’s in my head. Maybe they are right, but not in the way they think.

    I have researched this a little bit and there is a psychological explanation. Dr. John E. Sarno as well as other medical practicinors are convinced, that repressed negative emotions like rage, fear, emotional pain, shame etc. can cause pains and dysfunctions in many different parts of the body. In his newest book he also talks about CPPS, ED, IBS, Chronic Fatique, Fibromalgyia and other Symptoms caused by repressed emotions.

    What he always stresses out, is that the pain is NOT IN YOUR HEAD. Its real, its caused by the brain, which takes over the central nervous system to produce a mild oxygen deprevation in muscles, tendions and nerves. This causes not only severe pain but also dysfunctions. I mean, think about it, oxygen deprevation in the pelvic floor, chronic contracted tissue, no wonder if the genitals don’t function properly.

    And he also places emphasis on the fact, that the patient is not guilty for the pain, we don’t make ourself sick, its unconcious, nobody controlls his subconcious mind.

    But he says, the most important point to get better, is do stop obsessing about the pain, the body, the possible causes. And i think thats exactly what we do. I mean, i think constantly about it. What have i done wrong, what is it this time, why is it getting worse, which new treatment can i try. Maybe its candida, maybe its my hormones, maybe its neurotransmitters, blablabla. I really have enough of it. We are spinning in a circle.

    Maybe we are really just thinking and obsessing about the pain all day long, because we try so hard to avoid the painful feelings, which are trying to come to conciousness.

    I mean what is porn addiction? Its the same, its the perfect distraction from our reality, our feelings.

    First we were obsessed about porn (or computergames, drugs, whatever), now we are obsessed about pain. Maybe it has a function, maybe what we do, is trying to aviod reality.

    Yeah, now everybody will say, nah, everything is fine with me, i am never angry, i am a nice person, i had a great childhood…. but again, its not about the thinks we know, its about the unconcious.

    So i have struggled enough with physiological explainations, enough doctors, enough treatments, enough wasted money, enough frustration. I will do my last test next week on candida, but after thats its over. I will concentrate on the emotional/psychological site and this decision feels fucking good. I am sick of seeing myself as weak and ill, i am sick of being careful and avioding everything.

    What i learned and will take with me, is that porn and masturbation is bad and a waste of energy. I will not start it again.

    But not i will really try to solve the underlying reasons.

    I don’t know, that anybody of you is open for this explanation, but if you are, here is the wiki site for the TMS Diagnosis:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Here is someone with Chronic Pelvic Pain, who healed himself with Dr. Sarnos approach:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Here is the biggest TMS Forum:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I also met some members there with porn addiction and/or our symptoms.

    In the moment i am researching methods to resolve repressed emotions, because the knowledge treatment only works with milder tms symptoms. I think we have more severe forms of tms, which indicates more complicated repressed issues, which must be felt and released.

    If anybody has questions about the topic please ask me. I think as more of us will try this road, the better, because when we see the first people recover just from working on their emotions, the more we can accept the diagnosis and stop obsessing about the symptoms!



    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Celibacy or ejaculation/masturbation regulation is the key to higher feeling of well being and health. But you need the other things balanced too so you well get everything out of your practice.

    Hang in there, finally you will solve the puzzle and how you should live. Everyones healing path has up-and downfalls these tell what works and what does not.

    I agree that there is no need to find a specific man made disease in your body, this will only cause stress. Better see everything as an imbalance, when solved everything will get better automatically.



    Hmm, i don’t really know, why nobody has an opinion to this. I mean, we should consider all possibilities, shouldn’t we?

    IF THIS WOULD BE the solution we would be very lucky, because in the healing are no costs involved and there are no side-effects. Most people are healed with the TMS treatment after some weeks completely.

    I mean, please look at the second link, its from a Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrom Forum, that are guys which most of us would call sexual exhausted, when they recover from there condition with the psychosomatic approach AFTER YEARS of struggling, why shouldn’t we?

    I learned for example from some books about repressed emotions, that the repression system can even change our hormone or neurotransmitter level, that would explain, why some don’t recover even after dozen of supplements, because the CAUSE, integrated emotional pain don’t get changed.

    Really, i would be happy if some of us read the links or research the idea. I am very positive, that if its not the solution, than its a big part of the puzzle.

    Just today, i read a threat about porn addiction on a german psychotherapy board. It was a LONG thread and most of the guys there explained, that they masturbated since childhood for a much longer time than me for example, most of them several times per day.

    Than, they all complained, who much time they waste and that they feel permanently the urge to look at porn… NOBODY mentioned even any kind of pain or dysfunction.

    Some weeks ago i heard from a notorious womanizer, that he had to F*ck 5 chicks a day or he would masturbate, because he had permanent pressure and he was over 40! He said in his earlier days it was even worse.

    I mean, why are there so much men masturbating excessively, but just so few of us get in such discomfort as we? I think most of us are living even healthier than the average joe, so this couldn’t be the problem too.

    I think we should at least consider the possibility that this is psychosomatic, that’s an interesting field with much research lately and newest studies all show, that our emotions are way more powerful, than we could even imagine. So please, i would really be interested in your opinion to this.



    emotions do play a part, but the symptoms are entirely individualistic. for some it will be more emotional while others more physical. If you have a hormonal imbalance then surely its not emotional and it has to be addressed.



    Recovering seems like nearly impossible but there is no other choice. I have been in the game for a long time and still have not given up although I haven’t been actively researching the condition for the last couple months.

    I think Dr.Lin explains the effects on your body in this exhausted state pretty clear. There are hormonal explanations for body pains. Low back pain for example is well known to accompany sexual dysfunction in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    I wouldn’t go with the “this is all in your head” school of thought. Many conditions associated with hormonal imbalances has been labeled as “mental illnesses” by the so-call experts in Psychology. For the uninformed, the lack of libido is considered a mental illness according to these so-call experts.

    We should be open minded to all possibilities but I have bad experiences with this school of thought. Dr.Watson for example, showed in his book Nutrition and your mind that dietary and supplemental methods can solve chronic psychological conditions whereas years of time and money wasted on psychoanalysis cannot.



    Good thoughts everyone, emotions play a part, mind can help in healing or make situation worse. But we need to consider all approaches and angles. If body go crazy then mind will follow, it can be quite hard to heal only with mind if the physical part and hormones/neurochemicals/energy/whatever has fallen apart and depleted.

    I´m not saying its not possible ( maybe someone really has only problem with his mind ), but shouldn’t there be at least one person in this board who would have got all his extreme and years long physical and mental symptoms away only with working on mind.

    We need all approaches and time, it took long to exhaust body it will take good time to gradually recover and try to figure whats going on.

    It’s easy to understand others frustration when they do not benefit from their practices and methods.

    I have to go with with those “specialists”/psychologist/most of the doctors , they will take your money and classify you crazy, and in the end say there is either nothing wrong with you or say there is nothing wrong with you and still prescribe pillers. It’s though for each to choose what kind of methods they use and who they visit.

    Ps. What does it mean to be recovered. I may not be sexually like I was before exhaustion, but other than that I´m quite superior to older times. I´m not so weak anymore physically or mentally ( I do not mean muscles, I mean general vitality and state of mind ).

    I think recovering does not mean that you could go back and masturbate/ejaculate 5 times or even once a day without gradually getting back to problems. You can always try but your body will be quick to give feedback from your actions.




    I think that fatigue has something to do with dopamine -> endochrinologic system, see below the remedy. And every time you masturbate or have sex, you really got to have the urge with a spontaneous erection. If you do not have spontaneous erections and you masturbate, you are draining yourself. Some guys have stronger systems from the start of their lives and they do not get exhausted because their energy reserves have always been plentiful and they always have enough energy left to re-charge. I believe that SE sufferers have already depleted adrenals by birth (Dr.Wilson states in his book that a baby can get weak adrenal function if the mom has adrenal fatigue) or then they have wanked for long periods without decent spontaneous erections: “just for fun” but not being actually horny.

    I believe I have always had a bit of a bad adrenal reserve. My mom is and was the stressing kind and she still seems to get tired easily. I have never had for example a great running endurance though I can build muscle easily and am kind of a big fella. In the army, six-seven years ago without ever over-ejaculating I was depressed and my libido/erection power was lower than they should have been. To people like me, we have to work to keep our body in shape, eat well etc. Some other people have stronger bodies and adrenal responses naturally. That is just the way life goes and we have to accept that and live accordingly.

    Just add tyrosine, phenylalanine and methionine to your chronic fatigue, and the worst of it it will go away. But give it some time and eat them 1-3 grams per day, except methionine less.



    Hey , i see where you are coming from, but from what i ve learned over the years, that is wrong. Hormonal imbalances could have an emotional origin. I recommend you the new book from Arthur Janov “Primal Healing” for a better understanding about the impact of emotional trauma from birth or childhood on our physiology.

    I will quote some things from the book:

    “The imprint is laid down in every cell of our bodies. It distorts organ function and reregulates key set-points of hormone and neurochemicals, such as serotonin. For it to be changed or eradicated, we need to fo back to the moments when it was set down, relive the expierence, and normalize the system.” – page 28, Primal Healing

    “For a patient to get well, it is necessary to access those memories in a safe way, bring them to concious-awareness and finally to integrate them. When that happens, the individuel’s entire system is harmonized, key hormones are normalized, and the system is finally righted. After a connection is made between feeling-sensation and the thinking mind, perceptions are more accurate and a sense of caln and relaxation never before known is finally expierienced.” – page 30, Primal Healing

    “Indeed, oxytocin and vasopressin are often referred to as the hormones of love, low measurements of these chemicals may well indicate a lack of love and attention early on in life. Changes in these two hormones in adulthood may tell us a good deal about early abandonment” – page 35, PH

    “A lack of love will also alter production of most of the key hormones and will leave the afflicted with a higher level of stress for life. It may affect what disease people suffer from later in life, and above all, how long they may live.” – page 36, PH

    “His mother could have given him lifelong optimum dopamine levels. Now it is too late. So he settles for a substitute.”

    “Early love provides the optimum amount of serotonin in our systems. But lack of love creates deficits” – both page 51, PH[/b]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    If it interests you, read the book, its really interesting and scientific. I think, if it is true and early childhood expierences really cause an imprint on a deep level, which changes hormonal and neuro-transmitter levels as well as the balance between sympatic and parasympatic mode of the nervous center (thats all in the book), than we have to adress the emotions and the psyche.


    , its not about the mind, its about the heart. Not feeling, but releasing, unconscious negative emotions which were repressed by the brain, because you were to young, weak to integrate them at the time. Now this repressed emotions create tension in the body, because they push to consciousness. The brain wants them to stay in the unconsciousness and so the tension has to be redirected in other body systems were they create imbalance.

    I am really intrigued by the concept of deep feeling therapy or primal therapy and i am sure, that it is a big part of the equation. I hope i can afford an intensive primal therapy this year, if not i will try several self therapy methods. I will tell you, if it delivers any permanent improvements.



    hormonal imbalances could be a source of the origin but they are often a secondary cause. clinical tests would indicate a deficiency and that deficiency has to be corrected to see improvements. now if the symptoms persist then it could be other issues need to be fixed or indeed it is an emotional thing.

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