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    i was seeing a girl for a while and decided to tell her my issue because i thought it would be a relationship strengthening thing. the result was confusion and dismay.

    i regret saying anything about it. the truth is, i actually caved and told her because she was constantly asking me what was up with my eating habits/eating schedule and keen interest in all things healthy. she thought i was way too straight-laced and didn’t know how to let loose because i didn’t drink alcohol or do anything like that.

    so i guess my question is, have any of you guys dealt with this? I’m sure you have. I’d be interested to hear what you’ve told your ‘girlfriends’ etc. because if you let yourself get close to someone else, they’re going to want to know and vice versa, if you want to feel close to someone, you would want to tell them. so what’s the answer?

    i feel strongly that having a woman on your side during the healing process is crucial–the problem is, it’s hard to accomplish this because the ‘healing-lifestyle’ (i’ll call it) doesn’t seem to attract women. dr. lin has talked about the healing power that can be extracted from women via sex.

    should i just resign myself to not seeing any women for upwards of 1-2 years while I heal, or can i expect to have a few relationships in the meantime?

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    no just go for a relationship

    i didn’t tell my girl about it and used aspire36 and viagra.. she must have thought i was superman.. every now and then i tried to not take it and i got bad wood.. so as to keep it believable, otherwise if you later on get floppy cock then you have to explain why it was rockhard in the beginning

    it also depends on the girl.. my girl doesn’t care much about that it is half mast or full mast, as long as you every now and then give her reasonable sex it’s okay.. i always took the pill away from her and later on when i got with a doctor i explained that i have chronic fatigue so that’s why i am using medication, a legit issue handled by a doc

    i wouldn’t want to ask for viagra too embarassing

    if the girl thinks it’s that big an issue it may be time for you to move on to the next girl who is kind and mature and understanding

    i have luck because my g/f doesn’t like going out and shit, while i do

    she more likes painting and quiet evening in

    she also doesn’t hang around with other girls a lot, like nowadays they all talk about sex together and then they can complain about you in a group it’s crazy nowadays

    please find a understanding girl but tell her later on and say you are working out fatigue issues.. make up some bs story that you had lots of stress in the past (who hasn’t?) and please get with a doctor so you can get legit backup that you are indeed ill

    btw healing lifestyle isn’t what would cause attraction.. sure there are guys who lead a crap lifestyle and score with women, but there are also who do it like you and get plenty women.. it’s more about your attitude and belief system, if this is powerful enough it overrules issues like healthy lifestyle easily

    what if you could talk about interesting things like the body and know all this stuff about hormones? this is also interesting to talk about.. you need to reframe that you see healthy=equals boring lifestyle

    even if you go to bed earlier you can still go to a concert and lead interesting life, instead of clubbing till 5



    i would personally tell her, a lot of women are very caring and will actually try to help ( its there nature )..

    if you can work on your problem together it will make the healing process a lot better and it will take lots of stress off you in trying to perform well every night…

    its best to communicate about your problems.

    plus you dont need to have sex to please a women, in fact a decent amount of women prefer when you go down on them anyways. focus on pleasing them without actual intercourse ( sweet talking, romantic evenings ,flowers chocolate, stuff like that, kissing, carressing, you get the idea)

    i know women love sex, but i think what they actually love is being with a someone whos caring for them, sex is more emotional for women, for men its more pleasure.. Women enjoy the things more that lead up to sex and what happens after sex more than the actually intercourse.



    I just started seeing a younger woman recently. I’m 36 and she’s 21. The connection we have together is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so close to a woman and it’s weird and kind of scary to have someone that cares about me like that. It’s been a while.

    We’ve basically just been hanging out at my place. We cuddle, make out and sometimes it gets pretty hot and heavy, but we haven’t had sex yet. I’m kind of scared because I know it’s not going to be great sex when it actually happens. I’m just not in shape for it. I can’t get an erection like I used to.

    It’s a shame. I finally have a great woman in my life and I’m sexually exhausted.

    I kiss her and I want to do more. The desire is certainly there, but it’s just not happening. The only saving grace is she’s not ready for sex right now.

    What should I do? Should I tell her or should I buy aspire36? I want to have sex with her but at the same time, if there is a way to recover from this naturally, I don’t want to delay the process or even retard the process by using something like aspire. I understand it’s very powerful and it works great, but I’ve also read that taking drugs like that will make things worse in the long run. What do you guys think?



    Orange Julius

    don’t trust my word on this one but i would buy aspire36 and get some confidence going, while in the meantime finding a doctor and say you have some fatigue.. in the end you have at least banged this fine woman and if she decides to leave you because you didn’t tell, then you will be almost healed and ready for a new relation no problem

    good luck!




    Keep on your course of what YOU know to be right for yourself!!!!!

    If a woman is not on that same level,then she is the wrong one for you.

    Plain and simple.




    I dont know if you should tell her. I’ve just been lucky to be with understanding females 2 of the 3 times. My first GF and my current GF both supported me, whether its financially or with lifestyle changes….but I can only imagine that everyone isnt like that



    Can you actually have intercourse with a weaker erection? I’ve never tried it with an erection that wasn’t totally rigid. And if so, what’s the reaction of the female?



    Orange Julius

    eh in my case yes it was possible but i have to keep giving myself handjob till moment i go in with the head of my dick

    and then i have to go and start pumping away otherwise it goes soft

    results ofcourse will be that by taking so much effort to go that hard you end up with pe


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