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    About 2-3 weeks ago I had a blood test where my total test was 9 (11 – 33). I am 24 years old. My blood tests consistently come back around 9-12 on that scale. I have a pituitary problem so my levels have always been low – I’ve tried TRT but have been drug free for 8 months now.

    A friend of mine bought some Tongkat Ali as he raves about it when he’s low after a cycle, and got a second bottle for me. This brand:

    50:1 extract @ 400mg per cap.

    I tried taking 2 caps a day and as expected – it did nothing.

    However, since upping the dose to 3 caps a day and taking 1 DIM (olympian brand – cheap) and 1 TMG (NOW brand – v cheap) tablet the results have been significant. I had the DIM and TMG just lying about and I thought they might be a good idea to work with the tongkat. I’m also taking 1000mg of l-arginine a day but I don’t know if that has any significance.

    My energy is VERY MUCH increased. I’m feeling hornier. My wang is bigger during the day. Erections come easier and are stronger. I just generally feel better all round – I’m even sleeping better. My mind feels clearer and more positive too.

    I’ll get some labs done in the next few weeks and see if there’s been any measurable change. I don’t expect any sort of huge increases as it only takes a small increase in free test to feel better, but nonetheless it seems to be working.

    Of course I don’t believe it would do anything if you’re on any sort of TRT, but for the guys with low levels and not on any meds it might be worth a shot.

    Just so you know, I don’t fall for placebos and I had pretty much given up on anything working and even TRT is night impossible for me to get right. I definitely feel something from this combo.

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    try some activated as well to up free test levels






    no its from that forum.. i should of quoted it



    Max 2 questions – 1) Are you experiencing any problems with sleep while on Tongkat Ali? 2) what is DMI?

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