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    i have an issue:

    i have hair on the shaft of my penis

    does anyone know if this is normal?

    i have white bumps till the half of my shaft and out of the white bubbles hair is growing

    i shave it off but as it grows back as stubble im quite self conscious about it

    anyone have this too and what is their suggestion to get rid of it?

    if i recover and want to have sex i don’t want to have women complaining about stubble and that it gets them sore….

    thx for any help

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    I have this hair too, right at the bottom of my shaft. I also have those white bumps, and hair growing out. It’s normal. =)



    yeah but not till halfway up like 3 inches or..?



    An inch or two.



    thank god

    i have read its normal but ive also read about accounts where women found it weird hair was ON the shaft itself and then guys started shaving it off and women commenting on how it feels like a porquipine

    so anyone who has this what do you do? i mean if you were to have sex would you shave off this shit or what?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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