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    Ok guys going through some posts on this forum, I heard so many complicated names of neurotransmitters, medication, their interaction, possible side effects, draw backs… etc

    I am sorry to say but this just seems like a completely wrong way of solving the problem. I am all for a healthy diet and some supplements but what some of you are taking is crazy! I am sure you heard this before but your body has the natural ability to heal itself. The mind also plays a huge role in this… I no doubt believe that some abnormal levels for neurotransmitters are due to negative thinking. However this seems like a vicious cycle because negative thinking causes abnormal levels of certain neurotransmitters and those low levels cause negative thinking. However, I believe it starts in the mind

    The coolest thing I read was that paracetamol helps with PE hehe… take care guys and let me know what you think. I just believe that treating our body like a machine won’t bring the well being we are looking for. For example testosterone therapy if there are low T levels. This just treats the symptom and not the cause for low T!

    I hope this makes a bit of sense, i’m tired! good luck

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    Mentality like this is how Dr’s end up screwing up people by play fill the gas tank with hormones. By the time they get to me, it takes 6 months or longer to undue the mess they or their dr’s create. I agree people do shot gun supplements with having some kind of actually support for taking them. So in many cases less is better, but why i deal with people is from a medical approach using scientific validation for recommending supplements. I prefer less varaibles in the puzzle



    finding the cause it self is a maze… especially when the doctor doesn’t suspect anything and doesn’t want to do any tests to evaluate the situation…

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