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    Alright, so after hearing about the potential for a cure through abstinence and the 5G’s I’ve decided I’m going to case log it.

    Disorder Name

    Hard Flaccid Disorder


    18 Years old but turning 19 years old during study. Relatively healthy individual, within expected weight range. No notable serious medical defects, besides heart palpitations, as well as started hair loss, cause is most likely genetics, however as genetics for this within family are not prevalent, other causes may be present.



    The following symptoms are affecting me;

    Hard Flaccid – Penis is in a state of hardness, however penis is not erect.

    Hard Flaccid will be tested on a scale from 1-10 during testing period. Largely subjective in evaluation.

    Sensitivity Issues – Penis is less sensitive in the shaft area, however more sensitive in head region. This however is unreliable and changes at certain times.

    Sensitivity will be tested on a scale from 1-10 during testing period. Largely subjective in evaluation.

    Premature Ejaculation – Penis is extra sensitive in head region, as well as orgasm response seems faster. May not necessarily be a physical cause in nature, but instead a psychological response to the other symptoms.

    Cannot be tested during study without disqualification from abstinence. Will be tested at end of study. Beginning of study, average orgasm response with stimulation from porn ~5 minutes of non-stop stimulation. Previous to condition ~15 minutes was expected.

    Erection Quality – Erection Quality is poor when standing, near normal when sitting, and near normal when lying down. However the quality changes as sometimes erections are difficult to maintain, regardless of position, over long periods of stimulation. Most likely the cause is both physical and psychological, as erection quality is changing frequently.

    Erection Quality will be measured on a scale from 1-10, measurement is largely subjective, which must be taken into account. Although measurements in length may attest to quality. Will be measured during Testing Period

    Testicular/Penile Size – Size of testicles/penis may or may not be changing, will be tested for during study. Measurement will be taken with tape measure. Measure from base of penis where it meets the abdomen, to the tip, on the top side of penis. Testicles will be measure from tip to tip in length as well as in width from the estimated middle of the testicle. Measurement error must be taken into account, roughly ~0.3 inches in deviation in testicle length ~0.2 inches in deviation in testicle width, and roughly ~0.1 inches in deviation in penile length. These deviations must be taken into account as measurement is not true measurement.

    Testing Period

    Testing Period will happen on the Last Day of every two weeks. Meaning at the end of Week 2, Week 4, Week 6, Week 8, and End of Study. They will be included in the Journal Entry of these weeks.

    Unfortunately tests were not recorded at the beginning of study, Week 2 results will have to be assumed as starting measurements for the sake of this study.



    Pure abstinence; No porn, No ejaculation.


    1000mg L-Arginine (GNC)

    1000 mg Ginger (Nature’s Way)

    120mg Gingko Biloba (Prairie Naturals)

    1 Cup of Green tea w/ Ginseng extract (Yogi)

    1 Daily Defence Cold FX (Cheaper and easier source of Ginseng); 200 mg of Ginseng

    1 Multi-Vitamin (GNC)

    2000mg Ultra Omega 3 Fish Body Oil x 2(GNC)

    1500mg Evening Primrose Oil (Webber Naturals)

    Pending Supplements



    5HTP (Maybe)

    Protocol Daily Regimen;

    Will drink Green Tea at approximately 10 P.M. each night.

    Arginine, Fish Oil, Ginger, and Gingko will all be taken during Lunch.

    Cold FX, Garlic, Primrose, Multi-Vit, and Fish Oil will all be taken during Dinner.


    I will carry out this plan for 60 days. At the end of 60 days the symptoms will be assessed and I will make a personal evaluation of what if anything this protocol has done for me.

    Possible situations;

    (a) Plan works, at the end of 60 days my hard flaccid has disappeared. Plan of action will be to continue protocol for an additional 120 days, after which the situation will be re-evaluated.

    (b) Hard flaccid symptom is still present, however symptoms have improved. Plan of action will be to continue protocol for an additional 60 days, after which the situation will be re-evaluated.

    (c) Nothing improves at the end of 60 days, plan of action will be to cease the protocol.

    Journal Format;

    An entry will be made each week to have a statement of significant events of the week, including anything that may affect the progress of the personal case study.

    Potential Factors;

    Potential factors that could hinder improvement/affect the case;

    1. Working Out – I work out roughly three times a week, these workouts are intense anaerobic activities. Very often these work outs make the hard flaccid symptoms worse during the activity, but do not amplify them any time afterward. Strange occurrences will be noted in the journal.

    2. Work – My work involves a lot of movement throughout the day.

    3. Nocturnal Ejaculation (Wet Dreams) – Nocturnal Ejaculation could break the abstinence, measures to stop this from occurring are nearly impossible. This will be noted in the journal.

    4. Alcohol – I’m 18 soon to be 19, and I’m not abstaining from alcohol, although it is not a large part of my life, certain weekends will include nights out to a club etc. This will be noted in the journal.

    5. Protocol Slips – Certain doses are missed from protocol, or there is deviation from the regimen. This will be noted in the journal.

    6. Medications – Presently taking 5% topical minoxodil.

    There may be other factors that could additionally affect the study, if any are highlighted or made aware, they will be included.


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