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    hey guys

    interesting stuff i found

    a lot of advice from manny and others on this board about increasing dopamine to fight certain symptoms

    as we know, an increase in testosterone does not automatically mean an increase in dopamine, for more hornyness

    however, an increase in dopamine, does give an increase in testosterone

    tribulus is often used by bodybuilders who want to gain strength.. but it doesn’t give them the strength, but it always does give more hornyness

    so i thought.. tribulus must increase dopamine

    well, do a search on google for “tribulus dopamine” and you’ll find out that tribulus actually prevents breakdown of l-dopa

    to me it seems the best stack for increasing hornyness levels for a woman is using l-dopa, or mucuna pruriens, in conjunction with tribulus

    tribulus alone makes me horny, and mucuna also, so this would be a great stack!

    although it seems this doesn’t lead to a massive increase in testosterone.. it still could be a great idea!

    there are bullshit tribulus products out there.. but also the ones that actually work (tribosten, tribestan, and some others) which have the protodioscin in it.. which may actually also raise testosterone

    i am continuing my research on this topic and hope you guys give ur opinion

    p.s. a good acetylcholine level is also necessary, but this is an interesting side track

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    as an addittion:

    acetyl-l-carnitine also stimulates dopamine release as shown in scientific studies on rats (for better mood, meaning dopamine increase)

    tribulus prevents breakdown of dopamine

    so.. this is a good stack along with the alpha gpc!



    yep i agree with the acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha GPC combination. carnitine is also good for weight loss.

    regarding tribulus i think that it basically sucks. i’ve used it in the past and it doesn’t do anything. however that probably is because i already have an over the limit amounts of testosterone.



    yeah thats the point im trying to make

    it seems that where ever i see some bb-ers using tribulus they say it doesn’t work for strength gains (i.e. they don’t experience an increase in testosterone, thus not experiencing gains while using it, because more testosterone means more power and better absorption of protein)

    however, almost everyone says they’re horny as hell, so libido is always up

    they always use it after a cycle of prohormones

    this indicates to me that it does not increase testosterone, but maybe does increase dopamine, leading to hornyness, and eventually a small increase in testosterone maybe

    or.. it prevents the breakdown of dopamine, thus making you hornier

    anyway thats the point, hopefully i will have this confirmed in the near future

    have you tried the tribulus products i mention, these are the best.. tribosten or tribestan (best for libido, and a lot of bb-ers say also good for testosterone)??



    yeah i’ve tried these. i didn’t get any hornier at all. but at that time i didn’t over-masturbate so i was already horny anyway. in fact when my test started to rise as i went into bodybuilding i became horny and this is why i started to over do it with masturbation.

    maybe if i take it now it might increase my libido. most bbs use it after a steriod cycle because the steriods shut off the testicle axis.

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