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    Does anyone else have this issue?

    The last 4 years, when I get blood work drawn, they have a VERY hard time drawing the blood. Nothing comes out!! My veins seem to collapse. The nurse always comments how odd it is.

    I did find one site that mentioned that CFS patients can have this problem. It started that same time as my SE, so I know it’s related somehow…I just don’t quite understand why. Perhaps the damage to skin and muscle tissue also occurs in the walls of the veins and weakens them.

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    Could it just be blood deficiency ( whatever is the cause ). TCM states

    By blood deficiency, we

    do not mean the western medical condition of anemia. We are using this term metaphorically to describe a group of related

    symptoms in the body that form the TCM pattern of blood deficiency. TCM symptoms of blood deficiency include difficulty

    falling asleep, heart palpitations (not enough blood to nourish the heart), fatigue (not enough nutrition from blood to nourish

    the body), blurred vision or seeing spots, dizziness, poor memory and anxiety (not enough blood to nourish the eyes and brain),

    pale skin (no redness from blood), dry skin (no moisture from blood to moisten the skin).”

    Blood and energy deficiency goes hand in hand, when other goes down it will affect the other too.


    Luis is very difficult to come out. They move the needle around and a little squirt comes out, then it stops, then a little more, then it stops.

    They had to use 3 sites to try to get enough blood for the tests.

    It’s funny, because my veins (when healthy) always looked like they were going to pop out. Braverman suggests that people who have an acetycholine nature have very visable veins. For the last 4 years, my veins don’t stick out as far.

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