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    I think my lack of concentration and focus has been one of the big reasons why I am having sexual problems. When I think about it, all of my life Ive had difficulties with concentration and have always been an easily distracted person. I always struggled to get good grades in school and still have difficulty reading books up to this day. Its like I read a paragraph and sometimes have no idea what I just read about. I also have a little social anxiety where it makes concentrating even harder when being around crowds. Sometimes even when directly talking with people I have trouble listening to what they are talking about. Im starting to think this could be the reason why I have trouble at times sustaining an erection when with a parter. Does anyone else here struggle with concentration and if so, what have you been doing or done to improve your levels? Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks

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    I have poor concentration and social anxiety too. But stress in itself can be very damaging on the brain and long-term will causes memory loss. I think my social anxiety may have effected my memory because I stress quite a lot in situations and quite often I get worked up thinking about future events. I also believe it may have lead to my premature ejaculation problems rather than “over-masturbation” being the cause. I never masturbated all that much, atleast no more than any other horny teenager. Stress may be our problem here! And increasing Acetylcholine is likely to help improve our memory. Extremely low levels of Acetylcholine is linked to alzheimers and extreme memory loss. It is the neurochemical that increases your response time in how quickly you access your thoughts.

    Things have got a little better since trying to reduce and eliminate stress as well as taking a good dose of B vitamins. I have also tried eating lots of soya lecithin and eggs. I would’nt recommend soya products though, as it seems to have caused me to rarely get morning erections. Egg yolks contain lots of choline, so definately eat more eggs. Lowering sugar in your diet also helps. Eat more complex carbohydrates, increase your protein intake and nail lots of vitamins (particularly the B’s). Fish oil and flax oil also helps improve brain functions. Like I suggested in other posts, you should consider DMAE and Phosphatidyl Serine, which I am hoping to take in the near future. This combination should really boost Acetylcholine as it slows down its breakdown and increases its uptake.



    thanks voodoochild. I am considering adding DMAE to my list of supplements as I hear it is very good for concentration as well as memory and even combating stress. I am not familiar with Phosphatidyl Serine though. What are the benefits of combining both of them opposed to taking DMAE by itself? Thanks



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    It will improve Acetylcholine metabolism. You will also find that Dr. Lin puts DMAE and/or PS in most of his products. Usually when I discover a supplement with a use I compare it to his products and see if it is in them. Most of my research on supplements usually ends up in his products when I look at the ingredients. I have began to more understand his products and in theory they should work. They are quite simple really, just a multivitamin mixed with a herbal blend, amino acid blend and essential fat blend. The problem is the doses are so small that you would probably need to take some of his supplements for a very long time to notice any benefit.

    Your currently taking 3g of L-Arginine a day and his producs would be lucky to contain 300mg a day. Your taking 10 times more than his product alone, therefore you will see results much faster.



    how about fish oil? Ive heard it helps with brainfunctioning and can improve ones concentration levels as well. I have never supplemented with fish oils long enough(less then a month) to notice if it does. Is it true that fish oil can lower blood presure? If so, would it not be recommended for me to take while im taking the L-arginine?



    Personally I noticed better results while taking Borage oil with L-Arginine than with the fish oils but everybody is different. Your concentration and brainfunction will improve when you abstain from ejaculating for awhile.



    Udo’s choice oil I think is the best. Its the most highly nutritious. Doesnt contain fish oil, but it contains many seed oils from omegas 3, 6 and 9. Its also produced in dark, air tight and cold conditions to ensure all the goodness remains preserved. Lots of people say how different it has made them feel after a few weeks of taking it. It worked wonders for me and my social anxiety. It may have been my change in diet, but im convinced the oil helped me. Have’nt taken it for a while because its expensive and I cant afford it right now, but its very, very good!



    Thats great! I just noticed that udo’s also makes a DHA 3-6-9 blend. Are you familiar with this blend also?



    Sadly its not available in my country

    I believe he gets the DHA from special sea weeds so it actually becomes a vegetarian source.

    You should read Udo Erasmus’s book to understand the amazing benefits of omega essential oils. The book is called “fats that heal and fats that kill” and it is a very interesting and resourceful book.



    Wow Udo’s oil blends sure are expensive as heck! I was at the vitaminshoppe today picking up some vitamins and noticed they had udos. They had a 17 oz bottle of udos 3-6-9 for $24 bucks! the recommended dose is 2 tbs a day so if you do the math, 2tbl= 1oz. thats only 17 days worth! I wonder why this stuff so darn expensive compared to others



    forgot to mention the DHA one was closer to $30 for 17oz’s also!!



    Its the process of how it is made. Its the highest quality essential oil blend you can buy. Udo has basically been the founder of roughly 90% of the research on essential fatty acids. Every article you read on omegas will most likely have been from a reference of Udo’s research. He is the essential fatty acid king!

    His oil blend is produced in air tight, cold, dark chambers which ensure none of the oil is damaged and is almost 100% pure goodness. Sadly fish oil is actually heated up to remove toxins and stored in clear bottles, where it should be kept as cold as possible (ideally in the fridge) and stored in opaque (light proof) containers. In nature you will find the colder and darker the conditions that a fish will live in, the higher its omega-3 content. This is because the highly delicate omega-3’s (DHA and EPA) stop fish from freezing solid.



    Well I guess that explains why they use cod in cod liver oil. Its definately a cold water fish.



    Ginkgo Biloba

    Grape seed Extract… are good to Increase your concentration

    besides the Oil Blend and Vitamin B …. Voodo Child advised

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