Trust me, thinkin of masturbation gives stress

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    Lots of stress is created when you think that now week has passed and I have to masturbate. Then after masturbating, you begin to worry that now I am back where I was. Especially if there is depression and feeling of fatique after masturbating, it can feel that now few days is again taken from my life. Soon weeks and months pass and you find yourself in the same vicious circle.

    Maybe its the same for everything, like alcohol, drugs. etc… but this masturbation should not be practiced for just the sake of masturbation in front of computer. It is not worth it. I speak a lot about this, because I think its very important to continue something that makes you feel better and avoid anything that makes you feel worse.

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    I agree….sexual fantasies will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, increase heart rate, cortisol levels increase…and then your parasympathetic nervous system is activated to keep your heart rate under control.

    Once in a while, I will see if I can think about sex to get an erection, to sort of check my progress. But I aware that it creates stress and try to minimize it.

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