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    Long time sufferer. Massive brain fog, baby penis, no erection ever, total inflamation watching 1 minute of porn, sugar intolerance,…

    on 5000 pills, seen 300 doctors, had my blood tested 100 times

    Yada yada yada you guys know the drill thats why you are here on this board.


    I injected real no sugar living yoghurt through my rectum (how desperate can one be right…..Damn) It is supposed to be anti fungus…

    The next day I woke up out of a multi year long zombie existence.

    I was tested for fungus but they can be inconclusive…

    the rectum and bowels are just as important for functioning then the next so…

    I have nothing to gain by writing this here…

    I just know how hard it has been for me and remains to be…

    Still very cautious on this being anything real but believe me…

    Something is going on here and the effect is real.

    Do with it what you like… Cheers.

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    Im glad you experienced this in this specific moment. It seems like some cases of SE are merely (MERELY LOL) cases of gut dysbiosis, candida, yeast overgrowth and/or fucked up liver which in turn ends causing buildup of toxins and metals in brain and tissue (sic), adrenal fatigue, low aminos,vitamins and minerals and various hormonal imbalances. All these problems generate symptoms related with disorders like Autism, Schizophrenia or Chronic Fatigue syndrome.. Thats why you noticed such an improvement with the yougurt, it repoblated some of the beneficial bacteria in your rectum/ bowel or attacked the yeast something like that.

    It seems like you need to focus on the rectum, gut. Start looking at bowel cleanses, colon cleanses and how to repoblate your gut flora, enzymes, cure the GI tract walls, kill candida and yeast. May you could contact an specialist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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