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    Like the title saus, is it ok to take every day a dosage of tryptofame for premature ejaculation and little bit of anxiety? Anxiety like adrenaline shots in the belly.

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    you may need to look into the cause of your anxiety, changing some of your behavioursdaily routine may help in reducing it.

    for an example… taking a long walk, yoga, etc.



    I do five times a week sports, I think that my serotine levels are low.



    a possible good way to combat the extreme anxiety or stress is to regain the adrenal balance

    once the adrenal is out of balance, like high cortisol and low dhea…

    or low cortisol and high dhea

    low aldoesterone, low progesterone….

    this causes the cortisol to spike in times ( night or early morning around 3am) , the catocholmines to spike in a calm situations or at sleep

    you may need to look into Dr.Lam article about adrenal imbalance,

    another way to address your adrenal imbalance is to run a comprehensive test

    Cortisol Saliva

    cortisol Am (blood spot)



    17-OH progesterone



    Catchlomines Urine 24hr (stress hormones, adrenaline and dopamine)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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