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    I´ve noticed when my body is messed up, the accumulated sexual energy will manifest itself in such ways, that it forces me to ejaculate and engage in watching pornography. And possibly there is anger and frustration too.

    When everything works well and I´ve reached certain level of harmony, I can literally feel the good effects of abstaining. The horniness is entirely different, its more like I can feel how I have more and more warm energy in my body and the emotions become more deep. Then watching pornography or masturbation feels like a bad idea, and it is very easy to abstain from ejaculation.

    So, if you suffer from anxiety, craving for ejaculation/orgasm, anger, frustration, sugar cravings…you may suspect that your body does not recharge as it is supposed to or there is some deep malfunction/stress/tension in your body, thus your energy charging methods are not working 100%.

    Tao Te Ching teaches, that it is the harmony which nourishes using the inexhaustible powers of Tao ( nature ). Not force, but harmony. Forcing the body in any ways is most probably doomed to fail in the long term.

    So forcing abstaining might not be good, but also not forcing ejaculation. But can we trust our bodies when they are messed up ( read my first conclusion, how there are many types of horniness ).

    So maybe, first reach harmony, after that trust your instincts completely.

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    those symptoms can be related to adrenal fatigue, such as sugar cravings or anxiety, which i believe most of the people here have some form of adrenal fatigue.



    i think you may want to look into Shilajit. it can increase the core energy responsible for sexual power. plz check out the below 2 links:

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    I eat fish, rice, chicken, potatoes, pork, rye bread, butter, olive oil, little sweeties, fried or boiled vegetables, soups, basic foods, occasionally beer and french fries…

    no dairy or red meat, they are not suitable for my digestion. Excessive sweets cause terrible problems too.

    if you feel your herbs are working and do not cause problem, I don’t see why one cannot take them.

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