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    i REALLY wanna sort this out.. cos beforre all this i had arelationship with a lass and it lasted 5 years and was full of sex atleast once or twice everyday, with the occasional three a day..

    but now i am scared if i will be able to do any of it.. this paranoia is killing me..

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    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum.

    Long story short, my troubles started after taking ecstasy pills one day. I’ve done ecstasy a number of time before, but after that one time things changed. I started suffereing from symptoms of sexual exhaustion and had a ‘hard flaccid penis’.

    After many months of research I’ve gotten to the bottom of it all. I had sex twice that same day I took ecstasy. Since ecstasy greatly depletes you of serotonin, what I got was a combination of sexual exhaustion and an aditional neutotrasmitter inconsistancy (of serotonin and other stuff) due to the ecstasy. It’s not that bad, I still get erections, and things pretty much return to normal after one week of not ejaculating.

    I just ran across this site now and it’s great. I got a lot to share. My plan now is abstain from porn for as long as I can, and only ejaculate when I can;t anymore, which I assume will be every 2-3 weeks. That is the road to recovery. I believe total abstitance for months is not neccesary and ridiculous. Once every two weeks should be good, depending on how bad your condition is.

    Ok, first, the single most important site that I’ve ecame across:


    Dr. Richards is the only doctor I found on the web that knows thw EXACT science with everything to do with ED/SE. Read his articles and comments page. You can ask him any question and he will answer it. He sells products, but 1. they are all legit products, no bullshit harmful ingredients and 2. He doesn’t hold back anything that he knows. He answers all questions truthfully and fully, which shows he’s a devoted doctor rather than a half assed businessman.

    Now, from my experience and research, to make this brief:

    1. Abstain from masturbation for as long as you feel that your penis has returned to 100%. It may be a week or a month, wait that long. Don’t masturbate if it isn’t at 100%!!

    2. Diet has been covered many times on this forum. Eat all the healthy stuff. Avoid junk. Avoid inflamatory foods. Avoid milk, unless it’s whole milk, but I doubt you have access to whole milk.

    3. Supplements. Dr. Richards constantly recommends: his multi-vitamin but any multi-vitamin will do (VERY IMPORTANT). He recommends his A-Amino supplement, which contains all 20 amino acids I believe. (this is not mandatory but couldn;t hurt). You gotta take L’arginine. L’argining is a precursor for Nitric Oxide and is mandatory for recovery of SE.

    Next is 5-htp, for the production of serotonin. I don;t know if this is mandatory for SE, but completely neccesary in my case. I recomend it to all of you.

    Next is a GABA supplement. Not going to go into details, Dr. Richards explains it.

    Lastly is Fish Oil (omega-3). It is anti-inflamatory and neccesary for anyone with SE.

    Those are the 6 mandatory supplements to treat SE. Anything else is extra. Other things like ZMA (zinc-magnesium) and also good, but multi-vitamin covers it.

    Currently, I take fish oil, a multi-vitamin, and a ZMA every night. As soon as I make some money, I am buying the above 6 and will inform you guys on my progress.

    Now things to AVOID:

    Avoid any stupid products that claim they help with ED. Anything other then the above 6 is not neccesary. Dr. richards says that taking DHEA supplements is bad. Not gonna go into details, find the posts on his site. Alot of prodcuts have DHEA in them, so they are to be avoided.

    Avoid soy products.

    Avoid coffee.

    Avoiding alcohol and weed is obvious, but I smoke weed here and there and drink like once a week. (Going to ask Dr. Richards this week what he has to say about that).

    Avoid looking at porn and masturbating. You can use your mind to naturally get an erection, but DON’T use your hands.

    IMPORTANT: If you do look at porn, DO NOT touch your penis. Richards goes into details on that, but basically you don;t want to masturbate for longer then like 5 minutes. If you do you might ejaculate in your sleep. Had that happen to me twice, bizzare stuff, let me tell ya..

    Avoid negative thoughts! They raise your cortisol which delays the recovery. Try not to think about your SE. Live life like you used to before. Now that you know the scienfitic basis behind it all, a weight should be lifted off your shoulders. I’ll all be over in a matter of time.

    As people here said, it’s good to have sex once in a while when you feel your penis is back to healthy and feel really horny, but not before that.

    Umm, if I think of anything else, I’ll add it..

    Of course our goal is to reduce prolactin and cortisol levels to a minumum, while boosting thyroid hormones and bringing nerotrasmitters back to balance. It’ll take time, but everything will be alright!

    My last blood test showed high prolactin and cortisol. I only found out Dr. Richards site as of two weeks ago, and am commited to doing things right as of last week.

    I’ll post blood tests for prolactin and cortisol in the future. All you should post yours as well.

    Lastly, I’m 21, have had this condition for 9 months now. Have been thinking about it ALOT in the past couple months, but am now living my old life with just less sex. If I really have the urge, I’ll go to a hooker. Problem solved.

    All the best.

    – Mark



    Don’t make it too complex. You are young and you’ve had this only for 9 months (most people have gone downhill for many years) so you will heal no prob.


    -Don’t ejaculate


    -Do yoga & breathing exercises

    -Eat healthy

    Don’t mess with too much chemicals, you can end up worsening things. The body does the healing, not pills.



    You’re right . I’m going to experiment with those few supplement just to see how I feel, but yea, this shouldn’t be more complicated than it is.




    I agree with you man.. BUT I HAVE A NIGHTFALL problem which prevents me from doing so………..WHAT DO I DO SIR?????????



    Dopamine – sympathetic:

    Regulates testosterone levels, inhibits prolactin secretion, and can be converted to epinephrine and norepinephrine.


    This is where dopamine becomes heaven and hell for the sexually exhausted. Over masturbation for a prolonged period of time will alter the gene expression so dopamine gets converted into epinephrine and norepinephrine excessively, which in turn puts the body in sympathetic mode (energy usage) rather than parasypmpathetic mode (regeneration).

    Dr Lin

    The conundrum here is how do I keep a high dopamine, testosterone level, and inhibit prolactin without having dopamine excessively convert into norepinephrine.

    The solution is higher Acetylcholine and Serotonin.

    Dr Lin (Referring to a female case but same principle)








    Dr Lin


    This is the orgasm hormone. Prolactin is a hormone that will inhibit oxytocin production and excessive prolactin will result in orgasmic dysfunction.

    The solution is for a high dopamine level which will inhibit prolactin thus allowing oxytocin to be produced.


    Why I recommend eating 4-6 raw egg yolks daily

    1. Extremely high in Choline which is a main ingredient for Acetlycholine.

    2. High in Cholesterol which the body derives DHEA. DHEA is used to create Testosterone and help cure Adrenal Fatigue.

    3. Cholesterol with Magnesium create Oxytocin receptors.

    To be finished…


    BUT can you put up the various food sources or supplements for the other hormones………….please it will be a great help

    and can we not eat cooked eggs????????



    sorry to be a buzzkill, but this post is pretty much bullshit. whoever this clearly doesn’t have a good understanding of what goes on in the body. it doesn’t mention sleep quality, which is absolutely essential. you need sufficient neurotransmitters and a healthy mindset to get quality sleep which is crucial for replenishing neurotransmitters and virtually everything else in the body.

    according to sleep research acytylcholine is associated with REM sleep and serotonin (and possibly other inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA) is association with delta sleep (deep sleep – stages 3 and 4). men with depression (most people on here are probably depressed or at least have the symptoms of depression due to SE) show a decrease in deep sleep and early REM sleep onset. delta sleep regenerates the body and mind in so many ways that is vital for recovering from SE so boosting acytycholine is not really going to help much and may even be counterproductive by increasing REM onset (in turn decreasing delta sleep). i think that most of us here are lower in serotonin anyways since we all got addicted to pornography, so we probably get less deep sleep naturally. merely eating a bunch of eggs to get more choline to boost acytycholine isnt gonna do shit. the protein from the eggs is probably more beneficial and all the cholestorol in the yolk probably won’t be so good for you in the longrun. another thing- these neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, acytylcholine, etc) act on receptors which produce other stuff that have the actual effect, so it’s very possible that we our receptors are burnt out, not our actual amount of neurotransmitters.

    we’re all different, with different ratios of neurotransmitters and symptoms of SE and bodily functions. there is no “ultimate” guide we can post here that will work for everyone cuz this stuff is way beyond our understanding. top doctors and researches still don’t understand so much of this and we relatively don’t know shit. our bodies have a natural way of recovering that has been fine tuned over millions of years and tweaking it is not a good idea for the most part in my opinion. i have damaged myself more trying to recover thru supplements and all the advice on here and have let go of of all this for the last year or so and have had tremendous results. i occassionally supplement with a multivitamin and/or some omega fatty acid supp but thats it. you guys just need to accept that this shit for what it is and let your body do its thing. you can allow that to happen most efficiently and effectively by eating a balanced diet (don’t overemphasize anything and be careful with supplements), exercising and walking, staying stress free/relaxed as much as possible, avoiding negative/depressing thoughts and feeling happy and optimistic, avoiding porn and/or excessive masturbation, getting a consistent sleep/wake pattern (circadian rhythm) and getting deep sleep, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and just finding something to with your life. i highly recommend going to some yoga classes and tai chi or something – i’ve been going to power yoga with my buddy like 5 times now and it’s a hell of a workout, but furthermore they teach u a lot about deep breathing, relaxation techniques, and all this shit is tremendously helpful. also, about masturbation/sex, it’s actually good for you in moderation. i would completely cut out the porn and take like a two week masturbation break, but then after that do it like once or twice a week without porn. don’t feel anxious when doing it or have guilt after or that will F*ck things up. if u can get some pussy even better.

    i just wanted to let you guys know how far ive come and how simple it really is. thinking about this so much and trying to solve it isn’t really going to get you anywhere, just focus on living in the moment happily, peacefully, and healthily. basically sleep well, eat well, think well, try to walk or get exercise reguarly, and do something meaningful with your life and everything will start working itself out. stop focusing so much on yourself – build some relationships and have some confidence and self-worth as a normal, function being of society. just remember, you won’t see the results immediately and you will likely feel worse at first, but give it some time (like a month) and i promise it will be worth it. i hope this can help and i wish you all the best

    a few good quotes:

    “control your emotion or it will control you”

    “too much of anything is bad”

    “when one eye is fixed upon your destination, there is only one eye left with which to find the way”



    I just went 8 months without sex or masturbating. I have had this problem over 7 years and have experimented with frequency. I have only masturbated once a week, once a month, twice a month, and now I have gone 8 months. I have to say it seems to have helped but only a tiny bit. After this period I masturbated twice in one week and I could feel the condition and inflammation starting right back up. I am sure if I masturbated more than twice a week or even continued at twice a week I would be in the same horrible state I was in years ago. Many people say many things but I haven’t heard of a single person healing from this and I have been following this for many years.

    The doctors take your money and tell you they can heal you. Can I ask? Where is the person that healed from this? Will you please come forward.




    the fact is, your abstaining is just holding your body on the hedge

    minor or very mild sexual exhaustion may benefit from a 2-4 months of abstaining…but us we need to find possible solid methods to help our bodies to run effectively, abstaining. is just a hold state for some of us

    pass by the recovery success and see the stories, yuhu and chris threads have been moved to that section lately so i guess it can be easily red from there



    I believe in addition to what is posted in this topic, the real addition to sexual recovery is overall physical and mental fitness.

    All you body functions as far as I know support each other, most important being blood circular system to deliver nutrient all over the body, breathing to increase oxygen intake and increase metabolism therefore sexual recovery,

    digestive system for better absorbtion of nutrients.

    All this I think will greatly support what already posted on this site for sexual recovery and overall health.



    I also read somewhere that sexual exhaustion produces toxins so cleaning your insides, not just your digestive system but your cells and use anti oxydants should also help.



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    I will start a new one, this will be for the record.

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