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    Well,i did not know of this thing until i googled.

    And doctors keep saying there’s no wrong with masturbation.

    I saw an urologist and told him about my daily “exercise” since 16, and he said its nth wrong.

    Now that i am 23 years old i have all these symptoms out of the 23 symptoms :

    1. depression,stress , anxiety, and emotional instability (Mood Swing)

    2. eye floaters (my eyes keep cannot concentrate, feel it floating)

    3. buzzing ear ( occur 2 times)

    4. weak erection or youth impotence. (i dun have any drive for it now compare to last time, when i felt i was like a beast)

    5. decolouring hair (white hair popping out)

    6. weak immunity ( weak tolerance to cold , and catch flu easily)

    7. Fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion ( keep feeling sleepy and after eating. No motivation for school )

    8. Muscle weakness (Weak limbs. Cant walk properly)

    Someone please help. What should i eat?

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    got any blood test?



    Nope,but i requested to do a blood test on my Testerone and hormones test. Waiting for it.

    I been abstaining for nearly 2 months however no improvement.

    But yesterday for the 1st time i slept before 11,

    the moment i woke up, i felt dizzy spells.

    However, notice a slight improvement on my weakness.

    Also i started to take Ocean Health multivitamin, drank Fish Cold Liver Oil and some medicine from TCM.

    Going to make my Apple cider vinegar, garlic and Organic Honey (suppose to be raw honey, but cant find it) for drinking.

    Hope it helps. TCM told me to abstain for 6months. I scare that i break it, cause by right i have a high sex drive.



    When is the last time you’ve masturbate?

    Do the advised blood test …you’ll find it in here

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