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    Ah right…

    Need some help and support. Dec 31st, 06 was the last time I jacked off which was a great way to start the new year! I noticed though that evening that I was getting some pains in my groin that I had never felt. Stinging pains. They were tolerable but definitely not right. I broke a record last year with all the mast I did so I know this was a symptom. Luckily I found this site that week and began my reading and education on this subject.

    Since last summer 06, I have been eating 90% organic, no white sugar, no white flour or anything that would cause inflamation. These past several weeks have been going okay but had some symptoms and need your input.

    Now, this past Thursday, I did some cardio and then that evening got an erection. When I had relaxed after the erection, moderate pain in the abdomen, groin, and lower back. I made an ice pack and placed it on my abs, then back, then groin for several minutes each to relieve the pain and then took some aspirin to also bring down the paininflamation so I could sleep. Actually slept okay, not bad. Friday morning I woke up with no pain. Friday wasn’t too bad, felt a bit uncomfortable but overall a better day. OMG this morning????….. okay, I will explain after I show you my daily food and supplement regimen:

    Daily Supplements =

    VitesMins –

    2000+ grams of Vitamin C

    B Complex (2 or 3 tabs a day)

    L-Arginine (2 tabs)

    Magnesium (1 or 2 tabs)

    Zinc 75 grams (1 tab)

    Saw Palmetto (3 tabs)

    Kelp Caps (1 tab)

    EFA –

    Borage Oil Caps

    Black Currant Seed Caps

    BiOmega 3 Caps

    Cod Liver Oil

    (I alternate the Borage and BiOmega with the Black Currant Seed)


    Organic Sprouted Grain Bread with organic peanut butter, raw almonds, and raw honey or organic maple syrup. Wash it down with a glass of organic orange juice and add some carrot juice and organic apple juice and take Vitamin C, B, zinc, magnesium, saw palmetto.


    Organic Turkey Sandwich with some organic mayo, sliced tomato, lettuce, on a sprouted grain bread and then take the Essential Fatty Acid caps(Borage or BiOmega with Black Currant Seed)


    I will make a smoothie with organic pineapple chunks, blueberries, orange juice, carrot juice, and some apple juice with a capful of organic apple cider vinegar. YUM! While drinking this I will have a banana (potassium) and maybe an orange. I take the vitaminsupplements above with the smoothie. Will have this sometimes for lunch.


    Raw organic pumpkin seeds mixed with sunflower seeds or walnuts and almonds. I also have these roasted so I will have roasted and raw for some flavor. The raw ones sometimes will make me wanna york!


    I will have either grilled chicken or fish or organic rice pasta with tomato sauce. Salad with org olive oil and App cider vinegar or some other good organic green, and for dessert, dates or apples or some kind of fruit. And then I will take more of the oil caps.

    Now this morning I had an erection AFTER I got up. After I had it, things were okay but then about an hour or so later, as I was leaving the house, symptoms were mild to moderate abdominal pain, groin pain and back pain. Before I left the house, I had a bowel movement and I took a teaspoon of cod liver oil. I definitely know prostate is enlarged because I could feel it in my groin. When I got to my destination, I drank some purified water and then went to pee and there was a delay. Pee was very yellow from the vitamins. I was sitting in a chair and pressed on my lower abdomen and felt a pain. Most all of the pain(groin and abdominal) is on my left side.

    I am not in any pain when peeing this morning just really noticed a delay. I could definitely feel a “pressure and fullness” in thereup there. Okay – so I took an aspirin to relieve the discomfort and it helped and now I am drinking a smoothie and took vitamins. Feel much better now but wondering what this could be.

    What’s good is that I still get erections(just painful afterwards) and since not masturbating for 3 weeks and eating a basic raw diet with tons of fruits and veggies, and just doing cardio, my numbnesstingling in arms is diminishing (this has been going on for years and now FINALLY figuring out what it was!), no more “dizzies” (used to get so dizzy all the time – VERTIGO), sleep is getting better as I am taking a product called SOMNOLIN (Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, L-5-HTP, Theanine), remembering things better too. Can’t wait to FULLY RECOVER!

    So after reading this (sorry for it being so long) what do you suggest I do? Don’t do? Keep doing? Do you think that the cod liver oil this morning might have aggravate prostate? Could this be an infection? I have not seen a doctor or chiro for this as I have been trying to self heal.

    I am contemplating going to see my chiropractor as he gave me the SOMNOLIN for just sleep about a week ago. I did not explain about PESE to him. He would prescribe supplements. If I go my internal med doc, they will give me meds and a billion tests and tell me I have 6 months…LOL

    One more thing: I did pass a kidney stone in summer of 05. Now that was painful.

    Your input is GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks Dudes…..

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    Have you ever gotten a saliva hormone test? For cortisol, progesterone, DHEA, etc.?



    No I haven’t. I’ve decided to call the doc on Monday and see about this. From what I have been reading and investigating, the symptoms I am experiencing are prostatitis. Now I don’t know if its bacterial or not but definitely want this checked out.

    Right now it has calmed down considerably and it seemed to act up when I was driving the long distance, about 45 minutes, and then sitting in class for several hours. I got VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and then ran to the bathroom twice. That is when I notice that pee was a bit strained. Not in any pain but a delay.

    I am early 40’s years old. What will those tests that you mentioned show?

    Thank you for your input!!



    sitting down for too long will definitely aggrevate the symptoms even more. try epsom salt bath.



    Yes. I just read that sitting will definitely aggrevate. I will do the Epsom Salt bath. What are the benefits from doing one in my case?

    Thank You!



    Yes. I just read that sitting will definitely aggrevate. I will do the Epsom Salt bath. What are the benefits from doing one in my case?

    Thank You!

    With regards to what your experiencing, i believe its the nerval and blood congestion that makes it much worse. but checking your prostate will also be a good idea.

    Epsom salt baths promote perspiration and draw acidic wastes – mainly uric acid – through the pores of the skin. This helps to relieve pain. It is also very beneficial as a stress reducer. If you have high blood pressure you should not attempt it though. personally I take these baths every 3 days.



    Been away from the forum for a while. I did a 14 Master Cleanse. (no food for 14 days). Wasn’t very hard either with great results for prostate, Blood pressure, cholosterol and weight – erections/libido not really affected.

    I now know my personal issue relate to inappropriate TH2 levels. (ie. Immune system respose resulting in some adrenal issues as well) My body produces too much IL4 and hence creates way too many IgE’s and IgG. After a great cleanse I had troubles readjusting back to regular foods. I have found a supplement to try that modulates IL4.

    Now I would recommend on using the supplements you mentioned short term usage only. Adaptation and even possible toxicity is otherwise a concern. I would follow Frank’s reccomendations on full blood work and make sure you include PSA. I would focus on prostatitis/BHP as a primary root issue based on your clinical symptoms. As such, I would recommend you read Dr. Larry Clapps “Cure Prostatitis” eBook. PM me for more info.



    cleanes are generally very good health-wise.

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