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    From this website: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    “When the average man ejaculates, he loses about one tablespoon of semen.According to research, the nutritional value of this amount of semen is equal to that of 8 ounces of beefsteak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons combined. That includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and everything else associated with these nutrients.

    The semen alson contains a great deal of Vital Life Force; therefore, an ejaculation also represents a great deal of lost vital energy. This is demonstrated by the exhaustion and even depression experienced after ejaculation.

    Ejaculation is often called “coming,” but a more precise term for it would be “going,” since everything — including the erection, vital energy, millions of live sperm, hormones, nutrients, even a little of the man’s personality — goes away through the action. It is a great sacrifice for the man spiritually, mentally, and physically.”


    This should be enough information right here to understand how bad over-masturbation really is for your body. 8oz steak? six oranges?…no wonder I’m always starving! (LOL)

    Seriously though, everybody needs to take care of themselves both INSIDE as well as outside. Your “insides” is actually what is driving how you look and feel on the outside!

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    interesting thing about the oranges. 6 oranges is equivalent to consuming 120mg of vitamin C.



    Actually according to this website, its more like 360 mg.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Actually according to this website, its more like 360 mg.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    haha, i guess i was off the mark.



    hey speedlimit, do you think its ok to not ejaculate for 3 months straight? do you think there is any harm that can come to a man by not having an ejaculation? is there risk of physical damage to the body and gentials and future sexual health?



    a person

    Right now I am in healing mode so once every three months is good to me. Once I heal, MAYBE once a month. TBD(to be determined)….

    a person, how do you feel? Are you exhausted? Are you sore? If not, then great! You want to NOT get to an exhaustion point so the less the better. I would say once every three months is fine but also once a month, if not having symptoms, is good too. Remember, too much of ANYTHING is NOT good….except for LOVE! (lol)

    I feel a man is meant to ejaculate and release so I would imagine that NOT ejaculating for a long period of time is NOT good. Just don’t do it to porn. porn acts like a ferocious drug! Do it by enjoying it with someone or, of course, by yourself without any stimulants.

    Physical damage? Absolutely! But this is due to over-masturbation. Look – working out everyday is not good. Your body needs to rest for rebuilding muscle tissue and also rebuilding your adrenal glands that have been working overtime to help your workouts and the stress that is involved. No wonder our johnsons shrinks from over mast. Those muscles and organs are not only losing testostorone and other vital hormones but you are also tightening them from jacking off! So, “yes”, I would definitely say damage to your internal organs, external organs(johnsons) and for future sexual health.

    Also, build up your vitamin and mineral reserves by consuming fresh fruits, veggies, good oils and stay away from anything processed. Over mast, over working out, over stress, over… etc, is depleting the body, therefore what’s needed is good eating habits and good quality supplements. Still workout, but also give needed rest to rebuild.

    Everybody needs to take it easy down there! Hope that answers your questions.



    : thank you very much for your reply. what i mean was is there any risk of physical damage to my sexual health by not masturbating for 3 months straight. will my sexual healthy be fine afterwards? will i still have my sexual abilities completely intact?

    going for 3 months is such uncharted territory that i must ask these questions.

    i just want to be safe. 3 months wll be hard, and i want to make sure i am not harming myself.

    please advise.

    thank you very much.



    a person

    You and me both my friend! I would say that you will NOT be harming yourself without going for 3 months. It sounds like you also in for a needed gonad rest. I am also trying to do a 3 month “jackoff-fast” so we could coach each other through this. It will definitely be beneficial for your organs and mind.

    Your sexual abilities will be completely intact and should have MORE since you have rested and now have more energy. If you are exhausted, as I am understanding you, then 3 months off is fine and a good idea. Just make sure of several things while having “time off”. Get some good exercise, and I don’t mean ferocious weightlifting as this will drain your adrenals. Do some cardio or light weights to keep up metabolism. Eat well meaning NO processed sh!t like crackers, cookies, etc. Take in extra vitamin C, all B’s (plus Brewer’s Yeast), zinc, and saw palmetto. And get good, rested sleep.

    Also, know your cues, meaning do you know what makes you want to mast? porn, magazines, etc.? You can still enjoy sexual fantasies during this off-time(its natural) but if you don’t want to “release” then divert your attention to something else right away. Feeling horny, fantasies, having sex is all great!… just done in moderation so it doesn’t harm.

    Yes, you will be fine.



    anymore advise anyone??

    hey speedlimit, hows it going with the celibacy?

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