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    Has anyone thought of forwarding this forum to professors/sexologists at major universitys?

    We have 1100 registered members and I only found this forum after ages researching on the internet by chance so we must know this is common.

    Lots of people must be suffering from this

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    Yeah, if there is a way…why not?



    In another general forum one guy was seeking help with problems he was facing due to over-masturbation. I helped him as much but was quickly criticized by lot of members there. They said that I am not a doctor and was just spouting out some non-sense. They even asked proof and I pointed them to this forum. After seeing this forum one member said “that forum is filled with idiots like you”

    I then gave up because I realized that people do not believe that there is something called as Sexual Exhaustion and that it can be a result of too much ejaculation.



    Just advise him about this forum…it will be helpful

    we shall do some advertisement for this Useful increase the size of the members

    Dont forget to tell Max

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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