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    Alright, I have another comment on my symptoms:

    OK, when I don’t masturbate/have S*x for about 5-7 days, my erection becomes very strong, and I get better morning erections. However, after this time, my libido goes down a bit, and I don’t get as good erections, and I lose my morning erections.

    Why would thsi be? Since the longer I wait between masturbation/S*x, the more time I’ve had to recover, so it should only get better…

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    Decrease in testosterone?



    is correct. This is a decrease in testosterone. Sexual activity increases testosterone, when you cut back on it testosterone decreases. However you have to cut back on it to recover from sexual exhaustion. This is something I have noticed. A good start to researching this phenom would be Alan Ritz’s book.



    Yea, I considered that, except I’m on a free testosterone booster and an estrogen blocker, which boosts my total testosterone.



    Maybe one off the sexhormones does the same thing as testosterone?



    The other one I’ve heard is oxytocin.



    that sounds unusual since you’re taking a testosterone boosting supplement.

    i think maybe the estrogen blocker has something to do with it.



    Yes, It is natural for your tetsicular function is slow down if you don’t

    ejaculate for a week or more

    That is OK, give your testicles a break.



    I highly recommend you to try deer exercise after that 6-7 day cycle, when your sexual energy and semen builds up, you can use deer exercise to circulate this energy upwards to adrenals and other endocrine organs and the cycle starts all over again ( and your morning erection and libido builds up again ) , this way you can revitalize your body without loss of energy through ejaculation. I can not be the only one to get deer exercise working, as it is the basic tool in TCM to build essence and vital energy and is described in many books.

    The deer exercise should also be done in the cycles so the sexual energy can build up. If done every day, there is nothing to circulate and parasympathetic power is used for nothing, however there is never loss of semen out of the body.

    I do the deer exercise when lying down on bed, and same time squeeze my tailbone muscles ( not pc muscle ) when breathing in through nose in to lower abdomen. Then I feel the sexual energy drawing upwards and orgasm. I do massage the tailbone area also every evening, so the area will not get congested.

    When we manage deer exercise, we can stop ejaculation all together and still get all the benefits. If we dont circulate the sexual energy and semen, it stops building after the cycle. This is described in the book The Tao of Sexology, which speaks about male rhythm theory.

    Biological age / 5 = good cycle to circulate sexual energy



    That has happened to me, and I thought my condition got worse and became impotent, luckily that never happened, and its weird, because when you ejaculate after a long time, my penis afterwards goes redish and is a bit painful, I imagine it to be a sudden strong burst of DHT makes the cappilaries burst.

    Even though that may happen, I agree that it is better to hold off for 6 months than ejaculate once a week.

    I e-mailed Dr Lin once saying could I do this while taking viagrowth 4, and he said that would keep my testicular function going during my dry season (obviously not his exact words).

    I did this once, and about 43 days later, I had a massive wet dream, so you do kinda win, keep it up for 6 months and you should be fully recovered.



    are you saying not to ejaculate in 6 months time?



    i think its a good idea. i’ve managed to hold it off for 9 weeks so far so 6 months wouldn’t be a problem

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