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    So I have the appointment coming up fairly soon. Should I bother bringing a list of hormones I want tested, or just do that with the endo? I’m not sure if urologists are inclined to test those things, or if generally endo’s do.

    I’m going to tell him about the hard flaccid, breakouts in les, slight case of P.E., vein prominence, occasional cold feeling. Then see how he responds.

    My GP is giving me shit, he thinks it’s all psychological and that me reading on the internet is creating psychosomatic symptoms. Which could only partially be true, as a hard flaccid would be impossible to psychosomatically create, so then I told him he doesn’t have the psychological background to be making these claims. Getting an appointment with an Endo is hard, because my GP won’t respond when I try to reach him to get an appointment set up he keeps brushing me off, and I need someone to make the referral. I don’t know how I’m going to get one setup with an endo, which I would prefer because I live in canada and as Frenchi has told you, it’s difficult to get the tests setup. So if I got them through a doctor it would be way easier, also perhaps free.

    So because mentioning the internet will get an automatic response, how do I go about dealing with the urologist the best way, to get him to get the proper tests done? I don’t care if he thinks it’s psychological as long as he is going to do testing. Anyone had any success in convincing any uro’s to do any forms of testing?

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    Tell him you want to get tested for Peyronies, for varicose veins (spelling?), and for any trauma (even micro trauma. Aparently that test is really expensive but convince him to do it if you can).

    Tell him not that you just read stuff online, tell him there is a forum with hundreds of people (say thousands so he believes) with the same symptoms and they told you go to to a uro and endo to get tested. Tell him that’s what the people did that healed. Say that it’s one of those conditioned that tons of people have but is not yet recognized globally.. in the process. For sure he’ll believe you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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