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    good shit. From what I understand Dr. Peitfield is one of the better doctors out there.

    From my experience Blood cortisol testing is really anoying and saliva reflects your true adrenal function alot better. Sometimes blood draws are elevated from the needle.

    For exampple a few weeks ago had top range AM blood cortisol. The very next day did a saliva and my morning sample was below the 50 percent mark. Same time and everything so I dont think serum can be trusted that much.

    Anyway I dont know much about isocort and thyroid glandulars . Either way your on the right path because if this basic treatment dosnt work then im sure he will get you onto something more serious.

    Once you have your adrenals and thyroid under control then you just have to worry about raising testosterone if it hasnt gone up already and fixing your neurotransmitters.

    Once you start working with a good doctor patience is crucial. I have to work on this myself . But also you sould never stop doing research because no matter how good a doctor is you sould always know your stuff anyway and know which direction you want your treatment to go.

    I wish more people tried to do what you did.

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    Thanks dude, i just find it so annoying when you know you have a problem and want to deal with it but you find it extermely difficult to get the right product. Dr peatfiled is good very sharp for his age he says that all this se is nonsense and its due to fucked adrenals/thyroid. He doesnt prescribe no more so he takes the natural route but does have some private clinics where you can get HC. He gives you a six week diary to fill in where you check your morning temp,pulse am,pm every 3 days. Ive got a telephone consultation with him on 23rd march so will push for isocort as ive read some good reviews.

    Js what approach are you taking i heard u were expermenting with preg. any positive results?




    ive done a one day nutritional test from genova it looks at all sorts of stuff including aminos will defo post tommorrow. isocort is a little weaker around 2.5 mgs alot of ppl have seen some gud results. It takes over the pressure of the glands so it can rest properly, if no luck with that then will try cortef. Peatfield wants the adrenals up to par before he treats thyroids.

    I think we first need to treat adrenals/thyroid properly either using isocort, cortef, preg, armour,t4,t3.

    If preg. works for you then il defo try too. Did u measure preg by blood test before u supplemented. Was it low for u to take preg cream?

    Maybe correcting them and neros may sort me out if not then may also look at test, hcg etc.

    My main corcern is exhaustion, inflammatory pains in legs after either work, or ejeculation. So need something that will work my saliva proofs my cortisol is low.



    ya my preg was a 38 on scale of 11- to 208. Aparently preg is always low according to dr. chrisler but either way will see how much it goes up how that affects my other hormones. Im also not a big believer in preg will fix your neurotransmitters. i think this is wishful thinking and only has minimal effects on neuros.

    Adrenals are the most important and starting place. Get those under control and you have begun healing so to speak.

    My thinking goes like this

    1) fix adrenals . Im trying preg now, if this dosnt work then ill try Cortef and DHEA .

    2) Fix thyroid. In my case this is really tricky because I have High RT3. THe only guarented way to get this down is to do a T3 only protocol. This sounds great and like the obvious next choice but the problem is taking T3 only has been known to elevate SHBG and this is no good because its gona ruin my good SHBG and F*ck up my Free T.. The other option for Rt3 is to adress all the issues stressing the body since Rt3 is usually a result of stress on the body. So in my case its mediocore testosterone, low neurotransmitters, low ferritin, inflamation and probably some other stuff I havnt even uncovered yet. This is my biggest dilema right now and im still not a 100 percent on what im gona do . I know for a fact that when I previously did my amino acid protocol taking Tyrosine got my Free T3 and Free T 4 almost top range which is crazy. anyway still deciding on my next step my fone consult with mariano is gona be huge for this.

    3) The 3rd step would be to fix testosterone if it hasnt improved already from fixing thyroid and adrenals. I may have to make this my 2nd step in an effort to fix the rt3 problem in a more natural way. once again will see. I plan on using HCG and liquidex for this.

    4) after you have fixed adrenals, thyroid, testosterone your last step is neurotransmitters. I think its crucial that you need to have optimal hormones for the aminos to truly take the effect you want . Iv done weeks of amino therapy before and it defiently works but this time around before I begin it I want to take care of the hormonal aspect first. Im not a big believer in fixing neurotransmitters will fix hormones. Its to big a risk and waste of time.

    I mean…..this is all my opinion and the only way will know how effective it is once its completed which is gona take alot of time patience and effort. It worked for Yuhu and chris so i dont see why it wouldnt work for me and others. If someone is able to abstain during that whole process Im sure it would only help.

    I was actually thinking about this today . How Dr. Lin always talks about how SE is like a dead car battery. I think this is actually a great analogy. I know Dr. Lin is a quack but nevertheless he truly does have a general understanding of what happend to most of us. He also always says that once the battery is dead its not strong enough to recharge on its own and needs another car to jump start it. its the same with us . We need a jumpstart. Fixing hormones and neurotransmitters while abstainin is just that.

    But that idea of just abstaing is ridicolous. Its equivalent to leaving the dead car in the parking lot and hoping a bolt of lightening hits it and starts everything again.



    “But that idea of just abstaing is ridicolous. Its equivalent to leaving the dead car in the parking lot and hoping a bolt of lightening hits it and starts everything again.”

    hahaha pretty much..



    The test that i have done is a optimal nutrition evaluations

    organic acids

    amino acids

    oxidatiative stress

    Amino acid

    Arginine 11 range 10-64

    Histidine 641 (271-993)

    Isoleucine 20 (17-52)

    Leuicine 42 (25-77)

    Lysine 55 (34-226)

    Methionine 52 (26-69)

    Phenylalanine 31 (22-61)

    Taurine 190 (80-545)

    Threonine 89 (52-192)

    Valine 25 (19-53)

    Trytophan 50 23-88

    Alanine 111 (103-392)

    Asparagine 64 (37-134)

    Aspartic Acid 42 (27-74)

    Cysteine 61 (19-70)

    Cystine 29 23-68

    Glutamic Acid 15 (3-15)

    Glutamine 191 (153-483)

    Glysine 447 434-1688

    Proline 1 (2-14)

    Serine 201 (135-426)

    Tyrosine 48 (28-113)

    There were loads of other tests that measured other stuff such as fungal candida etc im fine with all that.

    Any interpretation?



    I agree with you, my friend. There is a lot of work to do if you want to heal. An effort to fix one’s whole life is needed. Abstaining alone will not do that for you. But it’s good to abstain while doing all the hard work ahead of us.

    God helps those, who help themselves…



    Did you do the test fasting? thats important with amino acids.

    Iv had trouble interpreting my previous amino acids results when they werent fasting. I think its more important to get a urine neurotransmitter test to give you a general idea of whats wrong in your brain. the Amino acids are just a supporting test to see if the precursors are low as well.

    What are your exact symptoms Kas be as specific as possible. Dont just limit it to sexual stuff if you your case goes beyond that.



    Do you have premature ejaculation, precum leakage, eyefloaters?

    Its hard to tell one hundred percent about your aminos. Let me explain my thinking. The guy who recomended the test to me said he had low glutamine, low tryptophan, low tyrosine, all the precursors to the neurotransmitters ( GABA, serotonin, Dopamine). Your precursors all seem relatively fine. I dont know if the amino acid assay is all that important. I truly think its more important to get a neurotransmitter test and then only the amino acid test if you can afford it to compare.

    That being said if you dont have premature ejac, precum leakage, eyefloaters, its possible alot of your problems may be more hormonal then neuro related. Alot of your symptoms seem like it for sure.

    In my case I know for a fact its both hormones and neuros that are shity. So I have to adress both issues to cure my ED, energy, depresion, mood swings, ADD, PE, eyefloaters etc.

    returning to the amino acids……when I did mine fasting ( which I know you did) most of the precursors came back low but not below range. Either way when i was on my amino acid protocol back in november , december after 6 weeks I did another amino acid test and all the percursors were alot higher, probably 65 % of range as opposed to bottom 15 %. As the levels rise it makes it easier and easier for the precursors to make it into the brain and the neuro levels raise.

    And I had huge benefits from amino acids even after only 6 weeks . more social, more funny, less depresed, more energetic, hornier, less ED and slight improvement in PE ( but this is tough to tell and I dont respect this to fuly resolve until everyhting is perfect).

    so if one were to continue the therepy lets say for 6 to 9 months . WHile retesting every 2 to 3 months until optimal neuro levels were reached then once those levels are there you could drop to maintence dosing. thats my plan anyway but before I do that im going to optimize adrenals and testosterone.

    If you can afford it try to order a urine neurotransmitter test. there usually like 200-300 dollars. But if you have SE…..and you overmasterbated and/or did drugs you have to at some point invertigate this path as well. If it turns out that your neuros are ok then great one less thing to worry about just gotta fix your hormones.

    Also I might add…..urine neurotransmitter testing is controverisal. They dont measure the levels in the central nervous system just the periphrial nervous system. NEVERTHELESS they can still be used as a useful diagnostic tool. Iv spent countless hours looking through forums where peopel have done them and its clear that though there not 100 accurate they still give you an accurate enough of picture of whats wrong that they can be used as diagnostic tool.

    As a matter of fact during my apointment with Mariono I spoke to him about this and he basically confirmed what I said above. He was like there not a hundred percent accurate but they can still be used to give you an idea of whats wrong if one knows how to interpet them.

    I know I keep drumming on about all the same shit all the time but its clear as day once you have all the results in front of you. i think its super important to have all the results in front of you as well before you begin treating because that gives you the greatest chance of success . Not to mention its easier to assosciate all your symtpoms when you know whats wrong. It ll make tracking your progross so much easier.

    For example I know that

    My ED is caused by = low dopamine, medicore testosterone ( though not the most important) , lack of serotonin and GABA to keep me from going into flight or fright when faced with a sexual situation ( I get heart palpitations from the norepinephrine) . Also years of watching porn didnt help but still that really is reversable by abstainin.

    My fatigue = shaky adrenals and High RT3. Not to mention the mediocore testosterone and depresion from low neurotransmitters dosnt help much either.

    My PE= low seronin, low GABA, low Dopamine, Excesive inflamation

    Eyefloaters= most likely low dopamine

    frequent urination ( gone now) = most likely inflamation and/or excesive norepinephrine signaling

    Anyway because I have the whole picture in front of me its so much easier to see the problems.



    Also since adding the Preg cream like i said after a few days i noticed

    1) More steady energy

    2) less dizziness

    3) less crashes

    4) more energy during walks and stay up later, even slight insomnia at 60 mgs.

    4) even slight libido increases

    Im praying this is the answer to my cortisol issues which arent terrible so preg cream might be the perfect solution. Its a step by step process. you gotta eliminate it a step at a time and see how your body reacts.



    what are you hoping to raise with the preg cream?

    just cortisol or other downstream adrenal hormones? i recall you had a am cortisol of 11 which is low, hopefully this will bring it up, are you testing this again next time?

    also have you done prog and preg levels beforehand? and retesting?

    my prog is low and i am looking for a way to raise it a little bit, also haven’t ever done a preg blood panel, which id like to do

    and then try a preg or prog cream to see if i can raise it

    does dr m know you are taking this or was this just a temporary couple weeks test to see how it affects you, right?



    ya before i started this project i tested all the pertinent hormones

    prog, preg, cortisol saliva x4 ( did this twice actually still waiting on results for the 2nd), testosterone, E2, DHT , etc etc.

    In 7 days im its gona be close to 4 weeks on the preg so im gona retest everything again and see whats good.

    I still cant seem to find a perfect dose cuse i honestly feel like 45 -60 gave me great energy during the day but couldnt fall asleep. But 30 dosent seem like enough. I guess will see.

    once i have everything ill share ofcourse



    Im currently taking 10-12 isocort pills for my adrenals gets rid of fatigue and inflammation, ache low back, legs.

    My most recent cortisol test shows that i have made some improvement

    Corisol Levels

    0900 20.4 (12-22)

    13.30 2.9 (5.0-9.0)

    17:30 4.3 (3.0-7.0)

    10.00 1.4 (1.0-3.0)

    My levels have improved quite a bit since last apart from the afternoon dip

    Dhea mean 1.15 (0.4-1.4)

    Urine free thyroid

    T4 727 (347-1994)

    T3 841 (592-1850)

    currently taking a thyroid supplments for suppport may move over to something a bit stronger.

    Neurotransmitter results

    epinephine 5.9 (7-12)

    norepinephrine 24.1 (30-45)

    dopamine 115.7 (115-175)

    serotonin 100.2 (120-185)

    glycine 108 (455-980)

    gaba 8.1 (4.7-7.0)

    glutamine 22.2 (15-32)

    pea 26 (30-70)

    histamine 18.2 (14-24)

    creatinine 130.2 (28.0- 259)

    Well looks as if my neuros are completely trashed, goes along with the adrenal fatigue issues.



    IM comparing it with my previous saliva results there on the forum somewhere should have posted them aswell



    In isocort it gives me a little energy to get me through the day

    I will probs give it another month or so before switching to hc

    What about soduim/potassium levels I Hear with adrenal fatigue you need to support them?

    I need my adrenals steady before I attempt thyroid

    I hear you on the Iodine will get it checked out probs by blood more accurate

    What other vitamins, minerals influence thyroid that I should test for

    Pimp the dim that you recommended haven’t really given it go want to correct the above first

    The testostrone test that I put on before was bio available t (gp’s in England only look at that and free testosterone)

    Have found clinics that do a estriadol test they charge around £50

    My thyroid blood cost me around 70 pounds still awaiting on results will post

    Vitamin d got tested by gp said it’s in range at 50 ( dunno range labs didn’t let gp know)

    Check out this website about this doc in England took who took on the gmc( general medical council) alot of good stuff on her webpage


    she looks at everything with an open mind including hormones etc.

    I have an appoint. With her on the 30th June

    Pimp let me know what you think of her work



    from my experience, some hypothyroid cant tolerate iodine and iam one of them.i tried thryo-max and it made things worse(iodine in it)…so if you tired any supplement and felt bad just drop it, multivitamins that contains iodine could be a suspect.

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