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    been supplementing for a month now in order to treat my problem of weak erection, lower back pain and excessive precum… progress! i am again waking up with spontaneous erections (sometimes full sometimes 70%) and this has not happened for atleast 18 months. i can achive full erection again through masturbation and it stays hard a bit longer now (i have not gone back to over masturbation i just ‘test’ my progress by wanking and not coming, but i can get a full erection again, something i have not gotten for 18months) i no longer get precum seeping out of my penis and my lower back pain is gone. know im not recovered n dont know when to go stop or if ill ever be 100% again but hope so… i have been taking fish oil, alpha gpc, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba and tribulus for a month now and yohimbe for about a week… reckon i keep at this or cut things out or what? i got a delivery of lovelongerIV and duramax from dr lin aswell, i took these for 5-6 days and although there was a big improvement even on my improved state i have been off them again for a week as id rather go through the more gradual recovery that that which dr lins products offer

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    good to hear progress man. keep it up until you get completely healed. you will know when reach that state as your body will no doubt send signals



    That’s great news, and so quick! and it gives me hope for my own situation.

    I’ll be ordering the same products.

    Have to look on the internet though because I have not come across Alpha Gpc in nutrition stores here in Holland.

    Are there any other overseas(non USA) readers that ordered from sites in the US?

    Please let me know.



    I live in NZ and i will order from the US in the coming month.

    rob i believe your regime might be slightly different



    Yeah I know – alpha GPC with acetyl L carnitine to improve acetylcholine levels – to start with right?



    for GABA- L-Theanine and Picamlon

    for serotonin- either 5-HTP or craniyums

    for dopamine- craniyums or a good whey protein shake will also do

    for acetylcholine- acetyl-L-carnitine and Alpga GPC

    for better blood flow you can use ginko bibloa and i also suggest you do some moderate cardio for 20-30 minutes.




    I will look for some good sites to order and will keep this forum informed on any progress.



    Watch the Yohimbe though. It has some controversy. It can be dangerous

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    And generally with herbs, they are like pharmaceuticals. They mask symptoms and do not really provide healing



    yhombie can increase your blood pressure

    one good herb that comes to mind here is saw pameltto which doctors use to treat BPH. the reason why they use it is because it does not mask the serum PSA levels in the body and so prosate cancer does not get masKed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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