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    How many has abnormally visible veins in genital/hip area? I have one massive vein going in my penis and visible ones on both sides in the connection point of the leg and lower body area. I guess the penis vein is normal, because it has always been there, but the hip veins did appear after I got the symptoms of SE.

    I don’t know if the hip veins could indicate an infected prostate or something. Or then they are due to excessive wanking done years ago… It is peculiar, because I am not a person who tends to have large visible veins anywhere in the body.

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    the veins in the penis like you said are pretty normal- some have it some don’t but the ones at your hips do they look like varicose or spider veins ?

    do you sit down alot?



    There is only one big one on each side, they are on the front side of the body. They are normal veins, not varicose.



    then thats not a problem really.



    Well you got a point, it is not a health problem in the words specific meaning. I am interested about whether the exhausted guys in here also have veins like that. It might be a sign of inflammation or something else.



    I think it would be some sort of varicose vein, which I think has, but its a minor one.



    Again: not a varicose. They look just like the strong veins some people have in their arms. They just seem to be in the wrong place. Veins, anyone?



    I was referring to others on this forum. what you have is completely normal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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