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    I’m 27 years old. Have masturbated a lot for 11 years now. I started feeling my symptoms in 2003 when i was 20. main and the most dangerous symptoms are extremely poor memory, lack of concentration and absentmindedness. I did try Dr Lin’s LoveLonger III in 2006 but after a month’s dosage i went back to masturbation. i continued taking three month’s dose with masturbation every now and again when i felt tempted but then i stopped taking it. i again started taking lovelonger III later in 2008 and 2009 but still couldn’t leave masturbation. is it because of masturbation that i never got cured. do i have to abstain completely while recovering? the longest i have abstained is 3 months which was in 2006. now i’m very serious about getting rid of these symptoms alongwith my severe precum, semen leakage, PE, weak erections, urethral irritation, excessive urination and testicular pain for good. I’m taking LoveLonger III with Kugentin for 1.5 months but i had sex three times in one day last week. I’m not seeing any progress despite me avoiding ret meat. i only eat vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken, eggs, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts etc. i drink pure orange juice. i exercise almost 3 or 4 days a week.

    can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here. these days i’m extremely depressed and most the time i think to myself ‘i’ve lost the battle of life and this is how i’ve got to live the rest of my life’. sometimes i feel suicidal but that’s not the solution either. am i ever gonna get my brain back because it seems impossible to do anything in life without a healthy brain. my mind becomes exhausted at simplest of calculations or problems. i can’t remember a sentence for long. when someone’s speaking, i can’t focus on what’s being said for long as i lose the concentration. i forget literally everything and seems as if i’m a living corpse. time’s ticking away, everything around me is moving fast, new peoplel are borne and grow up, people younger than me become wiser and more successful than me but my life seems to be frozen and stuck at one place. i don’t have motivation, i don’t have a job, no friends, no partner, no nothing. i’m about to marry soon but i’m unsure whether i should take that step because another person’s life will be ruined as well. can somebody please help me find a cure if there is any? please… thanks for your kind replies in advance

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    Hello mamz

    the absolute solution and the first thing you need to do.. ABSTAIN

    because it will simply stop your case from going further, and it will reuse the seminal content back again into your system…

    you need to take it easy boy, just reorganize your ideas and start working toward them, donot be control by your brain issues

    just eat healthy… and increase your choline intake ( eggs or other source) to enhance your brain function. omegas , magnesium ,zinc and balance iron may also enhance your brain function.

    i will repost again if i had any new thoughts Mamaz..good luck



    do you really think abstaining will do anything, the poor guy has already abstained for 3 months and has nothing to show for it… It sounds like your not from united states?

    Since you don’t have a job and dont have insurance. That’s a real tough thing….

    You have been trying to heal yourself for over 4 years now? I think it’s time to try something else if not you’ll be posting the same thing in 4 years from now

    Scrap up some money and go to Dr. John if your located in the us mid west or go see HAN on east coast….

    you can get labs online or through the docs at a discount price..

    your symptoms sound like high e2, low testosterone, low adrenals, low thyroid, etc…

    Your diet seems good, but why avoid red meat? Red meat is a super food if its grass fed organic.



    thanks Max for your reply and sympathy. i have indeed tried to heal myself over the past years but it was never serious for a long time. basically, masturbation and porn use were also involved during the recovery. diet was also not good and i didn’t stick to exercise for a long time. i’d only rely on the supplements, i’d start with great enthusiasm but after a few weeks, i’d slow down, stop exercising and involve in the same habits again. so i’d become frustrated every time and leave recovering for a few weeks and then start it again whenever i felt appropriate. so i’m trying to say that i’ve never been persistent. i think may be, according to , if i abstain and try to be persistent for at least 6 months, things might change.

    Max, i don’t eat red meat coz i read on that it should be avoided or intake should be cut doen. perhaps its because it helps in further arousal of sexual organs, or it has cholestrol and slows down blood circulation i don’t know. i may be wrong but i imagine, fruits and vegs have more cooler effect on our bodies and gives refreshing feeling and helps keep arousal to a minimum. that’s my experience. i feel more chilled and think less about sex since i changed my diet. red meat used to make me horny and dull.

    i’m living in England. this problem is not known very well to the GPs. i’ve tried going to the GPs and they say its all in your head, there’s nothing wrong with you, and they referred me to Psychologists! (its so sad that despite us crying out loud about our problems, nobody is prepared to listen and believe it. we all know what its like to experience SE symptoms but to the world we seem to be perfectly normal!) that’s a waste of time. so i assumed the products on are the only answer for my problems. if i travel to the US to see a doctor, do u think that’s a good idea? i wish i could find a doctor whose an expert here in the UK. do you know anyone who knows a good doc in London?

    may i ask everyone on this forum to respond and kindly share their experiences with severe memory problems, concentration and absentmindedness. what did you do? has anything worked? has anyone recovered and got their brain back? please post something, even a word would help a lot! thanks



    When I consume a lot of red meat I feel much more powerful. When I eat a plant based based I still feel good but I lack. The claims made against red meat are from herballove are myths. I eat red meat because I simply love how it taste. It’s literally a superfood. I never heard of anyone claiming red meat makes them feel dull.

    You don’t need to eat red meat though, its up to you. Your diet is solid.

    If you could find a local doctor that could consult with Dr John or HAN you could do this. It require you calling around and speaking to the doctors first. You don’t want to spend money on a doctor show up and he’s basically useless. Make sure the doctor is updated on treatment of low thyroid,adrenals, low testosterone, uses HCG, armour, etc.



    what max said is true. the only way you can figure out your problems is to find a doctor who knows his stuff and can help you put your body back into balance. Reading and Dr. Lin and richards is a decent starting point but when it comes to healing wont really get you anywere. trust me iv been there done that. Im now working with hans and its the only option that gives me hope theres a way out of this mess. and red meat is delicious F*ck what herballove says .



    Meditation is the ultimate cure to heal concentration and other brain/nervous system problems. You just need to be patient, it will take a few years until the meditative mind settles in. It’s a reconfiguration of your brain and nervous system.

    Abstaining will help meditation tremendously. If you want to advance in meditation arts, some form of abstaining is essential.



    whose Hans and whose Dr John. do they have a website? is visiting US the only way i can get diagnosed? i mean do they have any affiliated specialists in the UK? and do these doctors treat their patients with herbal supplements or something else? please explain.

    does anyone know of any good doctors who deal with patients suffering from SE in the UK?[/quote]



    I dono about dr. john but hans is name is Shawn Bean. he also posts on alot of forums as hardasnails 1973. Hes located in Philadelphia and works with Dr. Overbeck. He dosnt neccesarily treat SE per say though he does recognize it as a condition. He does extensive blood testing on you and you figure out whats setting your body off balance. It could be hormones, neurotransmitters, all sorts of shit so you get the testing done to figure it out and then correct it. It sould work in theory. If you know what to look for and wha tto talk about im sure there are qualified doctors in england who can help you u just need to know what to ask for and test for. You can look up hans and dr. overbeck on google.




    its the first step…what is the use to exhaust the body more and more since your a tired person?



    I don’t think ejaculating exhaust people though. It’ll only exhaust someone if your doing it an addictive way.

    You can still recover and ejaculate 1x a week.



    I could tell you from personal experience that abstaining has helped. The longer the better. I can understand how it may not affect someone with low testosterone, as abstaining will not bring T up on its own. But abstaining is without a doubt beneficial for anyone with adrenal problems, anyone with raised norepinephrine, anyone with the hard flaccid. Because ejaculating wastes nutrients, stimulates inflammation, and raises prolactin. So abstaining should be beneficial in theory. The only people I know that have went far with it are Nicolas and Akgstone, both report improvement.



    Abstain then regulate ejaculation frequency.

    Ejaculate once every 8-10days, you get the benefits of abstaining plus avoiding the negative effects of abstaining to long.

    There is a lot of benefit to the orgasm.

    The healthiest people do not abstain and those who claim to abstain are probably not telling the whole truth.



    There is no proof of negative effects of abstaining, because there is none.

    If you have PE and you keep ejaculating, prematurely, the habit of PE will get only stronger and you will never get rid of it.





    tell me max…why are we in this forum ?

    masturbation is a destructive behavior even if its practiced even if its practiced once in a week, because you’ll become addicted to it sooner or later….a simple example is me

    i used to masturbate every 3-4 weeks….sometime i go for 1-2 weeks but then..i lose my control and ejaculate daily or in small period of …aka over masturbation

    the only evidence that we got is …too much ( frequent) ejaculation = illness

    there is no evidence that masturbation can reduce prostate cancer or let you healthy, if so then why are WE HERE????

    its a lie…if we are already suffering from the dumbness of our doc.s, shall we believe them about masturbation?



    I do believe in that fact the when masturbating is done in an addictive , compulsive way it’s very harmful, which a lot of us here have done.

    I don’t believe in abstaining is going todo much.

    There are many of us who have tried abstaining for several weeks to several months with little to show for it… sex is much healthier than masturbating. I often say it’s best to save sex. You can abstain for as long as you want, it’s a personal choice. But I don’t believe abstaining will do much long term.

    I think the way to heal is through balancing nutrients, healing gut, removing allergies, heavy metals, exercise, meditation, and using hormonal replacement therapy.



    Abstaining alone doesn’t do much. However it is a prerequisite for any natural, genuine healing to happen. It will make sure that your condition will not go worse. Changes are slow and hard to see in the beginning. It’s sad that people return to their evil habits after couple of months of succesful abstaining. Truth is, much more is needed, especially for elder people.

    One thing is sure. You will not go worse if you abstain.

    What can you say about ejaculation? Wasn’t it the ejaculation in the first place that brought you here?

    Anything in excess is detrimental to health. We ejaculated and stimulated our nervous system too much and now we have to pay the price. The price is paid by abstaining. This is the opposite of the action that made you sick. It’s pretty logic, all about mathematics. We cannot afford ejaculating in a long time. We have ejaculated more than man was designed to ejaculate in his whole life.

    Each ejaculation is a waste of the most potent life giving force in our bodies, for the sake of pleasure.



    Maybe abstaning work on different things. My main problem is anxiety bad concentration etc. and I can definitely see improvement. The problem is that rarely do the improvements last when I start having sex again.

    The only times I have managed to improve, was when I over a long period 6 month, was able to eat correctly, sleep correctly not get stress and IMO stopped having excessive sex. I had one orgasm every other week.

    Maybe the guys, who are not seeing benefit from abstaining, are not suffering from over masturbation.



    what is saying makes very good sense. i recently found a good read which states that one should save the semen to save the brain. here’s the link:





    very informative…



    i dont think theres any truth in that … its more religious stuff.



    I wonder how many percent of ex-alcoholics were cured by religion or God.

    People with faith stand a better chance of healing.



    Yeah i agree…

    But to say sons from fathers who masturbated will be weak/ill and that semen is retained by the brain is really out there stuff….

    like i posted earlier, masturbation has been practiced since the dawn of time.



    Most people have masturbated some time in their lives. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that abstaining is the cure for us.



    I would agree…. except for that Dr. Lin / Richards say that long term abstaining is equally as harmful as over masturbating.




    Keep on trusting these “doctors” rather than your own experience.



    I have used my own experience for this…… I’m able to improve by not abstaining.



    You should experience with dropping all your supplements for a couple of months and see what is your improvement based on.



    I have dropped a lot of supplements but i’ll never drop stuff like thyroid, pregnenlone, HCG….

    maybe even starting Testosterone shots soon.



    Dr. Lin and Richards are not as knowledgeable as we thought. They are plain wrong in this case. It’s true that there’s no proof that abstaining for years is harmful. The only harm is increased chance of prostate cancer, but it’s still a small chance. Healthy people that have lived in abstinence: all popes, yogis, some Buddhas.. a lot of people basically.

    OF COURSE masturbation has its benefits. Every single guy my age that I know masturbates almost daily and they are all healthy. If I told them that masturbation will lead to problems they’d laugh and I don’t blame them. It’s clear that SE happens to a small percentage of guys, who are born susceptible to it or get it through destructive lifestyle habits. But those that got SE now need to abstain to get over it. Benefits of masturbation don’t apply here. Once you’re healthy again they will.

    From what I gathered recently, the two roads to recovery are getting Test, E2, hormones, aminos, neuros back on par by any means (supplementing with whatever works), and abstaining for a long ass time. Doing both at the same time seems like the smartest route. I say if you gotta supplement with something that significantly helps and is relatively safe for the rest of your life, go for it, who cares.



    I’m not sure masturbating is the root cause though anymore…

    could be other problems, nutrition deficiencies, allergies, heavy metals, all leading to hormonal / neurotransmitter imbalances.



    yea masturbation is one factor , but im like you max , if you dont know how your body is running prior to SE. alot of people assume before SE they were healthy because they didnt have illness or notice symptoms. you would assume you are healthy. hormones or neurotransmitters can be on the fritz due to drug use. poor diet, or etc and masturbation just further depletes them from the body’s mechanics

    before my SE i used to comsume alot of soy products not knowing that soy is not good for e2 this on top of masturbation heavily.



    can anyone tell me whether there’s a cure for my problems i.e. poor memory and concentration? can anyone suggest a specialist doctor anywhere in the world who knows exactly what our problem is and has a cure. please help.



    The only person you should be looking for is yourself. Nobody can give you the cure. If you look at most doctors, you will see that they don’t even possess real health. How could they give it to you? Information doesn’t make you healthy. Pills don’t make you healthy. Numbers in these tests that you all love to do, they don’t indicate anything really. The only thing you should believe is the inner feeling of health and comfort. Observe what makes you feel more healthy and happy, and increase that. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. There is an inner intelligency which will lead you to home if you learn to listen to it. The human organism has a potential to heal itself. If you believe else, your body has little chance of healing itself, since you don’t believe it can do it. I know it’s hard to believe that you can actually heal. You become totally identified with your diseased body that you cannot see any other reality. But in time things can change dramatically, if you battle for a change every day in your life.

    You have to make the decision which road to walk. My suggestion is to trust and love yourself.

    Total celibacy & Meditation made me back to my real self, whole and healthy again. I don’t think anything else is mandatory (except a shitload of patience) but might be beneficial of course.

    Take it or leave it.







    What if someone here has a tumor on there pituitary which is cuasing low T or what if there testicles do not work properly?

    Some people simply have a problem with testies, pit, thyroid. nothing natural will cure this, HRT can greatly help. A lot of people just go through life living with these problems.

    The whole point of blood testing is to make sure your hormones are not extremely below normal

    Abstaining is worth a chance, but it wont solve serious hormonal problems.



    abstaining im sure has its benefits but the chances of you healing your problems without blood work and the help of a qualified doctor are very small. The truth is you have no idea whats wrong with your body until you get the blood work. I have all the symptoms of SE but all my blood work with the exception of testosoterone which is low dont match the description of SE. If i had sat on my ass and kept tryin to heal this on my own based off online information i would have made close to no progress. but because iv gotten extensive bloodwork it seems iv finally figured out where my issue lies and its not even neccesarily overmsaterbation though i did do this. if ur one of those people who can go on this forum and just hope that abstaining will cure u then ur an idiot in my opinion. What happens when you abstain for 6 months or 2 years or however long and you basically make no progress. Until you figure out the root cause of the problem and try to deal with that chances of you really healing are small.

    Dont get me wrong overmasterbation is terrible and it fucks up the body immensely. But there is no doubt in my mind that it can take all sorts of routes in the body my case being one of them . EVERYONE is different. until you figure out what exactly went wrong on your body and try to correct it i doubt ull make progress. you can be hormonaly deficient, neurotransmitter deficient, possibly both or something totally different even . Until you get the right blood work done all your doing is guessing in the dark and hoping you get it right.

    Unless youv got a very slight case of SE ur gona have to get blood work or be an extremely lucky guy. Chances are if u have SE then you can be that lucky



    i think most doctors are just taking an advantage of our situation. they ask you to do test after test and this will only drain your bank balance. but i imagine one should spend the same money to eat healthy foods and get all the nutrients from a good diet and take a nice long rest from sex. we all need to pump in the vitamins and minerals we have lost with each and every ejaculation. may be the key is to simply avoid any more waste of semen and restore the lost nutrients. its true our body is very clever and it will heal itself provided the time and important nutrients are available to it. and the nutrients can come from a balanced diet.




    very informative…



    i dont think theres any truth in that … its more religious stuff.



    I wonder how many percent of ex-alcoholics were cured by religion or God.

    People with faith stand a better chance of healing.



    Yeah i agree…

    But to say sons from fathers who masturbated will be weak/ill and that semen is retained by the brain is really out there stuff….

    like i posted earlier, masturbation has been practiced since the dawn of time.



    Most people have masturbated some time in their lives. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that abstaining is the cure for us.



    I would agree…. except for that Dr. Lin / Richards say that long term abstaining is equally as harmful as over masturbating.




    Keep on trusting these “doctors” rather than your own experience.



    I have used my own experience for this…… I’m able to improve by not abstaining.



    You should experience with dropping all your supplements for a couple of months and see what is your improvement based on.

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