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    I have dropped a lot of supplements but i’ll never drop stuff like thyroid, pregnenlone, HCG….

    maybe even starting Testosterone shots soon.

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    Dr. Lin and Richards are not as knowledgeable as we thought. They are plain wrong in this case. It’s true that there’s no proof that abstaining for years is harmful. The only harm is increased chance of prostate cancer, but it’s still a small chance. Healthy people that have lived in abstinence: all popes, yogis, some Buddhas.. a lot of people basically.

    OF COURSE masturbation has its benefits. Every single guy my age that I know masturbates almost daily and they are all healthy. If I told them that masturbation will lead to problems they’d laugh and I don’t blame them. It’s clear that SE happens to a small percentage of guys, who are born susceptible to it or get it through destructive lifestyle habits. But those that got SE now need to abstain to get over it. Benefits of masturbation don’t apply here. Once you’re healthy again they will.

    From what I gathered recently, the two roads to recovery are getting Test, E2, hormones, aminos, neuros back on par by any means (supplementing with whatever works), and abstaining for a long ass time. Doing both at the same time seems like the smartest route. I say if you gotta supplement with something that significantly helps and is relatively safe for the rest of your life, go for it, who cares.



    I’m not sure masturbating is the root cause though anymore…

    could be other problems, nutrition deficiencies, allergies, heavy metals, all leading to hormonal / neurotransmitter imbalances.



    yea masturbation is one factor , but im like you max , if you dont know how your body is running prior to SE. alot of people assume before SE they were healthy because they didnt have illness or notice symptoms. you would assume you are healthy. hormones or neurotransmitters can be on the fritz due to drug use. poor diet, or etc and masturbation just further depletes them from the body’s mechanics

    before my SE i used to comsume alot of soy products not knowing that soy is not good for e2 this on top of masturbation heavily.



    can anyone tell me whether there’s a cure for my problems i.e. poor memory and concentration? can anyone suggest a specialist doctor anywhere in the world who knows exactly what our problem is and has a cure. please help.



    The only person you should be looking for is yourself. Nobody can give you the cure. If you look at most doctors, you will see that they don’t even possess real health. How could they give it to you? Information doesn’t make you healthy. Pills don’t make you healthy. Numbers in these tests that you all love to do, they don’t indicate anything really. The only thing you should believe is the inner feeling of health and comfort. Observe what makes you feel more healthy and happy, and increase that. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. There is an inner intelligency which will lead you to home if you learn to listen to it. The human organism has a potential to heal itself. If you believe else, your body has little chance of healing itself, since you don’t believe it can do it. I know it’s hard to believe that you can actually heal. You become totally identified with your diseased body that you cannot see any other reality. But in time things can change dramatically, if you battle for a change every day in your life.

    You have to make the decision which road to walk. My suggestion is to trust and love yourself.

    Total celibacy & Meditation made me back to my real self, whole and healthy again. I don’t think anything else is mandatory (except a shitload of patience) but might be beneficial of course.

    Take it or leave it.







    What if someone here has a tumor on there pituitary which is cuasing low T or what if there testicles do not work properly?

    Some people simply have a problem with testies, pit, thyroid. nothing natural will cure this, HRT can greatly help. A lot of people just go through life living with these problems.

    The whole point of blood testing is to make sure your hormones are not extremely below normal

    Abstaining is worth a chance, but it wont solve serious hormonal problems.



    abstaining im sure has its benefits but the chances of you healing your problems without blood work and the help of a qualified doctor are very small. The truth is you have no idea whats wrong with your body until you get the blood work. I have all the symptoms of SE but all my blood work with the exception of testosoterone which is low dont match the description of SE. If i had sat on my ass and kept tryin to heal this on my own based off online information i would have made close to no progress. but because iv gotten extensive bloodwork it seems iv finally figured out where my issue lies and its not even neccesarily overmsaterbation though i did do this. if ur one of those people who can go on this forum and just hope that abstaining will cure u then ur an idiot in my opinion. What happens when you abstain for 6 months or 2 years or however long and you basically make no progress. Until you figure out the root cause of the problem and try to deal with that chances of you really healing are small.

    Dont get me wrong overmasterbation is terrible and it fucks up the body immensely. But there is no doubt in my mind that it can take all sorts of routes in the body my case being one of them . EVERYONE is different. until you figure out what exactly went wrong on your body and try to correct it i doubt ull make progress. you can be hormonaly deficient, neurotransmitter deficient, possibly both or something totally different even . Until you get the right blood work done all your doing is guessing in the dark and hoping you get it right.

    Unless youv got a very slight case of SE ur gona have to get blood work or be an extremely lucky guy. Chances are if u have SE then you can be that lucky



    i think most doctors are just taking an advantage of our situation. they ask you to do test after test and this will only drain your bank balance. but i imagine one should spend the same money to eat healthy foods and get all the nutrients from a good diet and take a nice long rest from sex. we all need to pump in the vitamins and minerals we have lost with each and every ejaculation. may be the key is to simply avoid any more waste of semen and restore the lost nutrients. its true our body is very clever and it will heal itself provided the time and important nutrients are available to it. and the nutrients can come from a balanced diet.




    this is true but most people are very confused of what a balanced diet even is. Along with diet, people need proper sleep, water, exercise and need to take proper supplements. This is what HAN does best.




    this is true but most people are very confused of what a balanced diet even is. Along with diet, people need proper sleep, water, exercise and need to take proper supplements. This is what HAN does best.

    well said



    ok guys! i need some advice on this. i am recently married but my wife is currently living abroad in another country. we got married over the phone. she is very well educated with a degree, talented, skillfull and has a lot of other qualities. on the other hand, i am still an addict to porn, masturbation and prostitution, have this poor memory problem, concentration and absentmindedness. she’s already complained a lot about me that she’s stuck with me, i don’t have a job, not studying, short and immature. she even asked me jokingly about my opinion about divorce. i became frustrated and stopped talking to her. she says sorry now and apologizes that she was only joking. everything she was saying was just a joke. i don’t believe it as i think may be she has already concluded about my personality and reality as women are quite good at this, they can smell poor personality from miles away. i am pretending i am not forgiving her for what she has said to me about me.

    but deep inside me, i know i have a lot of problems which are not evident to her and others. i know these best but when i tell my family, they say its all just negative imaginations in your head, you are fine. i have many problems such as my poor memory ,concentration, loneliness, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, joblessness, noeducation, my extreme depression, anxiety, laziness, fatigue and all symptoms of sexual exhaustion especially seminal leakage and testicular pain. as there’s no guarantee i’ll gain a good health 100%, i am uncertain i’ll be holding a good married relationship for a long time.

    i belong to a well respected asian family. if i run away, my wife may become very insecure about her looks or personality as she may think there’s something wrong with her and commit suicide as she’s very depressed why i am not communicating with her. but there’s nothing wrong with her. its me whose totally wrong and i don’t want to ruin her life even more. she deserves a better husband than me. now i’m confused, i’m not talking to her becuase i’m doing it for her own good. she thinks i’ve not forgiven her for talking about negative things about me but that’s not the issue. in reality i am feeling insecure that what if i never get my health back. what if once she knows me completely, she regrets what a big mistake she’s done and wishes she’d never married me. if i tell her the truth, that’s gonna be a disaster. its shameful to say i did this to myself because of my sexual appetite and stupidity. its too embarrassing to tell anyone i lost my life for a few seconds of pleasure.

    now if i leave her i am gonna ruin her life as asian people tend not to marry a divorced woman as they may think there’s something wrong with her. if i continue to live a life with her, she’s gonna be living with a weird man as me who is mentally unsound. what should i do. sometimes i think of suicide, sometimes i think of running away and never returning back so i save the good name of my family background without telling anyone what my real problems are. because in our asian communities, if one family member does something wrong, they perceive that everyone is bad and it will ruin my younger sister’s life as well as nobody will ever marry her too. i wish i never married and i think living a single life is best for me. please help guys. what’s the best thing to do?



    Healing happens on all levels. When you heal yourself, you help people around you heal too. This means your relationships will become more loving and balanced. It’s all connected and collective.

    You have to cultivate positive thinking. The origin of the disease in the mind. You have to stop negative thinking. Be aware of it when it happens, and let it stop. Eventually it will stop. But it takes time. It’s a total transformation of your personality, body and environment. It’s mind over matter. When you change your mind, there will be changes in your body, your relationships, the whole world around seems changed.

    Don’t kill yourself. Life will become beautiful again and you will find childhood happiness again. You just have to transform your mind to a positively thinking one. Of course the negativity needs to come out in some form, like here in your post, it’s part of the healing process. But it’s important not to stay like this forever.

    All the best of luck, I really hope you succeed in healing yourself and the world around you.




    I wish you well friend. Your life will turn around, but first you have to COMPLETELY crack down on porn and masturbation addiction. There are LOADS of people in the world without jobs today, simply because it’s so competitive. This is not a reason to consider yourself a failure. Rather just see it as life being very tough today with an awful divide between the haves and have nots, and often there is very little in luck seperating them, although they will always say they deserve it because they are special, worked harder than others or whatever.

    First things first mate, STOP masturbating and STOP looking at porn. STart eating very healthily and start exercising. You can always start studying again in the future if you want, it’s no big deal. I’m retraining now at the age of 31 which is considered old in our silly immature society. Even if you only start walking it’s a start. Maybe you can then build up to running. Pretty soon after maybe only a few weeks of exercise, porn and masturbation abstinence, and healthy diet, you will find yourself feeling bright enough to find a job. Any job will do to begin with. It can be mopping toilets it doesn’t matter.

    If you drink quit, if you smoke quit, or if you can’t at least go on nicotine gum for now it’s much less harmful.

    I promise you if you resolve to make changes you will feel much better, you just need to really choose to rid your life of the negative things. So many people I know have bad pasts who are now wonderful people. I know a man who has two lovely children and a good job and loving relationship who used to be a serial criminal, chronic alcoholic and sex addict.

    You need hard times like these to really make you strong when you decide to improve. It will give you a motivation that will never die. Don’t start worrying about becoming the next astronaut or chairman of ICI yet just start fixing yourself. That means no porn, no prostitutes, no masturbation and a committed healthy lifestyle.

    Very best of luck sir I hope so much you succeed because your story touched me a great deal

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