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    Hi, I am 30 yrs. old and for about 2 months, my sex stamina,libido has decreased to a minimum, pracically my penis is limp, I have no desire even when I touch my penis. I am married for 3 years, and until now I had had normal sexual acts, even my erection was rarely hard-hard. My istoric: It’s true I masturbate since I was 13 yrs old but 2-3 times a week, sometimes even rarely. I assume it’s maybe sexual exhaustion but how I can get my erections back as I do everything in my power: I quit smoking, I eat healthy products, I do exercises in the morning .I don’t have spontaneously erections over day, in the night they exists but are quite soft. Another simptoms: when I start a foreplay with my wife I felt a little activity in my penis, but as I continue It dissapears due to small drops of semen (I think) that came out of my soft penis. Next is a humid sensation in genital region and as you expect it is over. Sometimes This low sex drive is associated with a tension in legs and in body in general. Please tell me what to do to overcome this awful situation. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum. Take a look around and do your part, no one will succeed if they don’t. I would suggest you start out with the classical choline, 5-HTP, l-tyrosne plus a multivitamin along with cutting back on sexual activities for a while.



    well since your married…..

    i highly suggest you start having sex with your wife first thing in the morning, the best time is waking up with a morning erection and having sex then. but do not ejaculate. only ejaculate once every 2-3 weeks; practicing this technique for the rest of life will build up great sexual powers. some say its the cure for all sexual problems.

    eat well and take some good quality supplements like machine mentioned.

    ZMA is good to take before sleep.



    add fish oil and borage oil or evening primose oil. flaxeed and canola oil also good. these will eliminate your semen leakage (it did for me)



    Okay to sum it all up… you dont actually get seminal leakage do you? or you just get pre-cum with foreplay?

    You should take ALPHA GPC, LIQUID Fish Oil (Carlons 1-2table spoons a day), but if you take cod liver oil keep it under 1 tbsp, Borage Oil. and other supplements if you want.

    try organic raw yolks in juices, or just plain if you like. start with 1 and build up to 6-12 a day. i had 18 yesterday.

    if your consuming lots of raw egg yolks and overall good diet, a choline supplement and multi vitamin is probably not really needed.



    Thanks , I will follow your sugesstions;

    I assume most of you are from US , well I`m not and I appologise for my spelling:)

    Independently from your opinion I took until now (2 weeks) quail(coturnix) eggs, and germinate wheat ; an hydroalcoholic extract of Heracleum Sphondhylium and Damiana. Maybe it`s too early but most of results I expect from quail eggs and germinate wheat as they are not only aphrodisiac and excitement substances.

    I promise if I discover a good treatment for this exhaustion I would be glad to share with you.



    max Im online now ; No, Usually I dont have semen leakage, only when I begin a foreplay or (this is not happening anymore) look at porn photos or movies. I know this is an energy leak so I cut this activity off.

    There is only a small drop of semen and an accompanying weak erection . a moderate back pain in the region of kidneys. These days I`m expecting some results from blood and urine analysis so I can figure out a better image of my health state.



    Its strange that you have these symptoms. You said throughout your teens you hardly masturbated. 2-3 times a week is very healthy. I would understand your symptoms if you had been doing it 2-3 times a day throughout your teens.

    Since you were married have you been having more frequent sex? Or have you been masturbating before sex to last longer? Or perhaps have you ejaculated more than once during sex?

    Maybe try to rule out anxiety before you label yourself as sexually exhausted. The amount of pre-cum you claim to have is very small. I personally get lots of it but it never makes me limp.



    maybe we donnt have the same problem. Ive thought a lot of what are the causes of my ED and I noticed that I have this leakage, and (according to many health sites on the net) I assumed this is about weakening of the parasympathetic nerve that keeps ejaculation valve opened. This was something I recognized related to my condition. I also suspect it could be low testosterone or DHT(that was the brief answer of dr. Lin) or some artrite or venous problem. Who knows ? My penis looks either very small (the kind of sensation of cold water) or relaxed but still small with a proeminent vein along . The gland is very sensitive , imediately I feel the sensation of pre cum, and if I continue the foreplay e.g. I feel weak bio-electric impulses then The small drop of semen and the weak erection so far dissapears at all. There is also a sweat and humid sensation in genital area and … that`s all.

    I`ve bought right now some omega3 fish oil , and read it feeds the nervous system. Hope the parasympathetic one .

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