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    Does anyone here have Visual Snow? which is hard to explain, but you’d know it if you had it.

    its where there is static between you and what you see, sometimes making it harder to see anything at all. Especially in low light conditions.

    you can learn more about it here along with an illustration picture.

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    i noticed recently that mine has gotten worse, which is weird cause i didnt masturbate for an entire week, and then did it like 4 times in 2 days or something like that. and a day later i noticed my visual snow was much more worse along with my light sensitivity.

    They associate visual snow with migraines, which i get often, but also had migraines before i ever became sexual.

    I noticed i had mild visual snow over 10 years ago. I remember used to thinking it was related to be on a computer for long periods of time, but at the time i hadn’t been on a computer in months, but still masturbated. So maybe there is some relation.

    So just wondering.

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    would another name for it be fuzzy vision?

    which is what i have. but its not that severe.



    are you referring to “eye floaters” byron??



    i have both fuzzy vision and floaters.



    Yeah, I have had Visual Snow for 10 years, I am sure it is connected to the sexual problems, both is related to anxiety and chronic muscle tension and the resulting poor bloodflow.

    Visual snow is very annoying and frightening in the beginning, but after some years you jsut forget about it. I also always have pain in the muscles around my eyeballs and they always feel burning and tired.

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