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    vitamin d? does it increase testosterone or luteinizing hormone output?

    i am asking because i believe this to be my factor which was WAY low what might have contributed to a rise in my total t level

    what are safe levels to stay on during longer periods of time?

    i noticed max had morningwood after vit d dosage, do you attribute that to vit d intake at that point, or do you now attribute it to something else?

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    can you take just Vitamin D by itself? i remember hardasnails telling that it should not be taken by itself.



    so what exactly are you trying to tell me? I was taking 800-1200mg of Magnesium whilte I was on this



    so hardasnails73, it looks like Vitamin D is very important but we can’t take it by itself right? that’s what i understood from your previous post.



    How much of a significant impact does vitamin D make on Test levels percentage% wise. Has anyone noticed a substantial increase in erections by taking it?



    This topic on vitamin d is very interesting as I am looking to boost my low testosterone. So if I take it with magnesium I should be safe at 6-8k iu’s?

    I believe I am deficient as I don’t get much sun which is our main source. I plan on taking magnesium w/zinc and maybe adding vitamin d seeing as how it helped raise your levels Pimp. Did you notice any improvement in mood and energy levels while on it?



    When you guys say taking it with Magnesium…do you mean taking it together like in one dose or as long as your supplementing with both?




    again im not sure

    i can only attribute it to vit d

    if dhea or hc was what caused it, then it must have been a temporary effect

    i do have erections, but i had WAY harder ones at some point which i think is due to vit d

    estradiol then killed it as lab results will confirm

    now estradiol low again and test low again, still on dhea / hc

    you do the math

    energy was also somewhat increased but not awesome, for erections it seemed great, but my thyroid t3 was still in the gutter, so still fatigued




    i had weak erections and i think a combination of low test with low estradiol.. too high estradiol is bad but too low is also not good

    dhea regular doesn’t increase it, i also used 7-keto but theoretically this shouldn’t increase estrogen (although i was using 200 mg daily)

    so i guess it’s vit d.. because an increase in lh, increase in test, also results in more estradiol

    it could be my ed improved because of higher test numbers, or higher estradiol, or a combination of both

    or improvement of adrenal fatigue

    hopefully the drops will work.. i ordered bio d mulsion forte from biotics research.. guaranteed to work!



    We have been gathering a lot of data from vitamin D and here is what we are finding. 90% of the general population coming through the door is vitamin d insufficent <40-50 ng/dl. The most interesting fact is that people that are tan are also vitamin D deficient. This facts makes it intriguing as to why. My speculation is that there are other adrenal and thyroid imbalances that are the contributing factors. Also people with low vitamin D have seen to also have higher incident of low testosterone. MY hunch is that vitamin D some how acts as an analogue to LH making the body more responsive to it. Actually in one study I found years ago state that in women there resistant to HCG there was a high occurance of vitamin D deficiency. Many of my freinds that started out on HCG that were not responding when check you also low vitamin D as well. This fact is probably why shippen puts every one on vitamin D when he starts them on a protocol

    Here is what is fact o

    on 8,000 ius a day my vitamin D levels where only 55

    vitamin D was taken up to the day before the test.

    for every 5,000 ius it tends to raise it up 10,000 ius

    so people that are in the 20 range would need almost 15-20000 ius a day for 6-8 weeks to saturate their bodys then retest. once you reach plasma levels I beleive 6,000 ius a day is optimal to hold that.

    When taking vitamin D one should also take 400 -500 mgs of calcium citrate 2 times a day away from zinc, and iron supplements, Before going to bed it would also be advisible to take 400-500 mgs natural calm to help regulate calcium balance.

    We have also started running random iodine spot urine test and are finding the same results of >80% of the people are deficient in clincal setting. We are looking to be on the cutting edge of holistic medicine where alot of other clinics do not look the simpliest things.




    I understand that when taking magnesium, calcium is recommended to prevent an inbalance between the two. But why is calcium important when supplementing with vitamin d? Is calcium citrate the best form to take?

    This is another reason why I believe I am zinc deficient. My findings are that people low in zinc can also be fatigued due to the role it plays in t4 to t3 conversion. Im hoping that supplementing with zinc-magnesium-vitamin d will help my erections, fatigue, and testosterone levels. Of course testing is the best way to know if I am deficient in these areas but cannot afford the cost at this time. For now I will take these in safe dosages until I can get tested.

    If enough calcium is not present when vitamin D is taken then the body will rob calcium from the bones inorder to balance the vitamin D metabolism resulting in hyperparathyroidism . Calcium citrate is optimal choice because people with health issues have poor absorption of other mineral chelates

    Calcium citrate- malate is probably the best for absorption.

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