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    It does have a definite impact in erectile function. Especially in someone like me that I am blood-test deffiecient. Give it a go, among other things. Hasnt solved my problem but when I take 400 ius per day I get random street erections etc Just part of the picture!

    It works much more subtly than aphrodisiacs, like allowing your sexual function to regain normality, while aphrodisiacs often feel like an stimulant.

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    definitely, its a base..yet its an important factor for adrenals and testis. I use it with a spoon of olive oil to enhance the absorption.

    I used both The mixed Tocopherols and succinate (synthetic)(no more than 200IU, since i use a 300mg of B3 iam afraid iwill burst into a fountain of blood)

    both gave me the same response in terms of low tingling, good night erections, and less headaches.

    I would also look into other fat soluble vitamins , since having a trouble to keep one of them may indicate to the same root problem which is fat mal- absorption and high SCFA in the intestines.



    Dont worry bro im gonna contact a DAN doctor in Madrid or Barcelona and she will make me stool tests and we will fix that gut. Im very near to hit the recovery stories, word!

    I already have 7 pages of my book , its GOOD, all these years of OBSESSIVE reading and social isolation are now paying off man. Im gonna keep on and write one per day minimum. Now I have hope. Thanks for your consistent support on this journey. I know the forum has practically deaded but the idea was great and we are examples of it. I will be the first recovered with a protocol done for autists! XD



    Well thats wonderful, i believe you can finish a good book on page 100?

    if you are more into a single topic, try as much as you can to address it from very wide views , never narrow your ideas.

    one of the solutions when i used to write long reports back then in the uni, is to bring a white paper and fill it with related ideas to the main topic, and then address the ideas (which was around 10-30) each in a 2-3 page…for your book you can make them as chapters and you can easily access resources and other databases from the internet or any library to cite the information when needed.



    Ha! Thats exactly the method im using.



    cool, it seems that we are common…

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