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    It’s an interesting read anyway!

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    I’ve read this 5 rites thing before!

    I actually once tried the spinning exercise for about a month and noticed how after a week I no longer felt dizzy after 21 reps. From doing just 10 reps and having to sit down from being dizzy to doing the whole 21 and feeling no nausea or dizziness. I was amazed how quickly I adjusted.

    My thinking is that for you guys who are very exausted in particular may find these gentler exercises better as hard exercise will deplete you more.

    These supposedly keep the body moving but actually gain vital energy by balancing the chakras.

    THe story with the Colonel is interesting too – my advice is read the whole book from the start to get the over view and try it, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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    They seem not to speak much about semen conservation, or stopping masturbation however I´m sure buddhists/tibetian practitioners know the destructive effect of over-masturbating / over-ejaculating.

    I will try these exercises since they are very simple, and I like only simple methods.



    Not sure if it’s in that pdf book but they do talk about it here!

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    This is the first page and the one I read before I discovered the pdf


    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Hope this all helps!



    Actually I’ve just checked the pdf booked, the 6th Rite and sexual

    conservation is talked about on page 19!



    I put this pdf to my archive, contains valuable info and many of the best approaches.

    There is the part they talk how you can tell mans vitality based on his voice alone, I did suffer from weak voice and still sometimes my voice does not sound so manly. Strong vitality and energy = strong breathing and manly voice.

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