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    Just over a week ago I became impotent. You may remember my thread where I was saying that I ejaculate instantly but could orgasm multiple times for over an hour, i thought this was a sign of blessed virility but it was actually a sign of iminant impotence.

    I have masterbated for over 8 years which has brang me to this situation. Let me tell you that if you ejaculate on thought/minor touches then you are weakened to a state where YOU ARE HEADING FOR IMINANT IMPOTENCE. Do not be fooled if you can wank for hours or have strong erections like I did, just know that the next time wank could be your last or you have about a dozen left.

    I wanked and then over night all the life completely left my penis. It became numb, cold and felt like a piece of lifeless tissue. The world looks like a completely different place this passed week. I wonder why I bother to wake up in the morning, why I bother to work, why I bother to live this shit life, why this struggle when you cant use a dick. Being impotent is the scariest feeling in the world. Naturally I have been traumatised, I have been crying and screaming like no man will know unless they become impotent. Praise be to God, thankfully I am a firm believer in my religion and I value my religion more then my penis, so this is not the end of the world for me. Anyway YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    As for those whose PE lasts more then a few seconds, just know that without proper recovery continued masterbation is bringing you so close to impotence. In your childhood and teen years the years seem so long, in your early 20s the years fly like months. You might not notice it but you will find yourself wanking to porn and you will quickly weaken your penis like I did. I didn’t even notice the years went passed so quick and I spent them wanking to porn. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED also. Not only will you cry about what you have done to your penis, you will also cry about how you wasted the golden years of your life and potentially ruined all of it.

    I think someone should make a sticky thread stating anybody without instant ejaculation is so weakend that they are on the verge of impotence.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Does anybody know if it is possible to recover from impotence by natural healin e.g. a good diet and daily exercise?

    What are the chances of success?

    has anybody on this forum been struck by impotence and managed to recover/experience improvements?





    I am very sorry to hear about these developments.

    For now, since I guess for all intents and purposes you are “impotent”, maybe now you should see a doctor as a last resort. You should at least figure out if this is due to hormone imbalances, nerve damage, etc.

    Maybe then everyone could make some suggestions.

    As an aside , would you be willing to perhaps share your email address as I would like to contact you. We come from similar religious/cultural backgrounds and I think that yourself and I can relate regarding this issue on some levels that others can’t.

    Regardless, may the Lord of the Worlds give you healing and good health.



    , unless you’re 50+ in age you can be healed

    continence + aerobic exercise + good food = recovery

    at least this has been working for me

    Psa. 103:3 (He) forgiveth all iniquities, healeth all thy diseases…

    Keep the word and look for a non-worldy girl that hasn’t been brainwashed by today’s over-sexed society.

    I know exactly what you mean, with SE life seems useless, but in my opinion it’s God’s form of discipline for those who have corrupted his design for reproduction. My penis was straight up ice cold for over 3 weeks but eventually it has regained its color and its proper temperature. I now realize that modern day pyschologists and sexologists love the “masturbation is good” belief because it justifies our behavior.

    Jer. 30:17a For I will restore health unto thee, & will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord



    former_stud, please check pm.

    Thanks , that was quite refreshing. Yes, this is indeed curable and will require patience and effort.

    I will now be seeing a urologist but as i am not registered with a doctor it may take a while before I can request any tests. Anyway will keep you all posted on developments



    I haven’t received anything yet.



    stud, i pmd u again, dont know if theres a techi problem with the forum.



    hey all

    i’m really worried at the moment. After a week of being impotent I started to get weak erections again. Eventually I found that my penis temperature came back in full and then was able to have erections whenever I wanted although still week.

    I then fantasised ongoing partly because I was depressed at home with my impotence and I just find myseld doing this seeing the joy of my erection come back. Every time I fantasised I felt the penis temperature eventually go. Now it is cold and numb and even though I havn’t fantasised the temperature isn’t coming back. I can still have mild erections though.

    Has anybody here have had impotence and experienced fluctuating penis temperature but recovered with it. Anybody know if my lack of temperature means anything?

    I’m just really worried and left wondering what to do.



    Hello Former-STUD and ,

    Please do help me. I have been masturbating since 12 years and Now I am 28 years old. Still Virgin ‘cos of my religious values. Sometimes, just by watching porn, I am getting ejaculated and i wanked 3 times in an hour.

    am i seriously affected? There is a liquid at head of my penis when i am horny.

    I don’t know the consequences as I didn’t make love as of now.

    please explain me. what should I Do?

    I will be grateful to you friends,

    thank you in advance,





    For now, for at least one week, do not masturbate.

    Get your sleep and diet in order. One week from now, post your condition. We’ll go from there.




    I agree with former_stud, if you start feeling better with sleep, diet and continence then you might want to throw in some aerobic exercise. As for now, understand what caused this problem and that doing more of the same will in no way help.



    You are damaging your viens and hormones. Vericous veins are beginning to occur stop masterbating

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