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    Hey there,hope you are doing all well with the low temps.

    There is a symptom that haven’t changed since the last 5 years, i got the watery semen before the real start of my multiple problem rooted problem.

    I tried researching it, but sadly nothing came out solid… but i think its directly related to the function of the testicles-prostate.

    the results that i have came thru is as follows:-

    1- fructose deficiency

    2- poor nutrition.

    3-High estrogen’s

    I founded some interesting links (forums mainly):

    1- Finsterade usage for some men let them suffer from a watery semen

    2- Low DHT and Free T (According to Lin)

    3- high Prolactin

    4-does who went into Test cycles for more than a year noticed a similar problem in there semen ( due to hi T, lh and FSH became low)

    Any suggestions?, Iam willing to add this symptom as a main concern.

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    im dead serious man

    when i was on holiday i was eating a shit ton of carbs and high amounts of protein

    i was clogged up like a motherfucker, farting like crazy

    but man when the stuff came out, it was THICK WHITE STICKY ICKY, no joking!

    it’s when you have higher protein or carbs this improves.. i don’t know for sure but i bet it’s the protein

    it was really really tough to clean off but nevertheless it was an interesting experience

    i am not a big water drinker, but i believe if you drink enough water along with above (and be able to digest it would be a plus lol) you would be spewing fountains.. then maybe add some celery i heard this works wonders, not sure though never tried it

    good luck experimenting man



    Hey , long time no see….by the way you need to be more in detail about what you ate ,

    have you found your stamina after ejaculation the same or have improved with this bulk meals?

    I tired heavy diet, herbs like Maca,zinc , etc, but nothing in terms of structure…it comes watery or semi watery ( the color is milky -greyish)

    Amino Acid Caps by NOW ( tried it twice, at first i felt a bit of improvement but it didnt last that long…iam talking about 3 years back)

    currently Iam taking digestive enzymes (Gold digest), with probiotics and alot of Garlic, onions.

    Iam limited on my carbs…even though some times i allow my self to slip( due to my insulin resistance)

    I used Protein shakes daily for around 6 months, they improved my muscle tone and joints strenght and lowered my pain, but my current practitioner have a view that even protein that is derived from milk can cause more pain to my GUT.

    so iam looking into Amino Liquid or powder, with more BCAA in the coming future, possibly with an multigreen powder vitamin

    I have some couple of things to suspect which is :

    1-blocked Nitric oxide synthesis in liver ( I need more Arginine /orthine)

    2- Low BCAA ( Will test )

    3-Low Potassium ( tested the serum not the Ion, waiting for the results)

    4- As you mentioned, CARBS if digested

    5- I believe that un-utilized sugar that is presented even by insulin resistance or Hypoglycemia can be a cause



    Hey man yeah browsing this forum but little posting.

    It was basically all you can eat all day long. Tasty bf, lunch and dinner. Lots of rice potatoes beef birds desserts veggies everything.

    It doesnt mean shit though if you cant digest it, hence the farting. But you do eat more cals than usual.

    Figure out what works for you. Carbs arent a necessary evil as long as you easily digest it and spread it out the day. Have a banana at bf and at 10 am and add some fats and fibre to curb that insulin response, but still get in ur carbs.

    Im big on olive oil helps me poop. I get no precum discharge when my bowel is clean and not pressuring my prostate. It’s a good source of fat as well.

    I am also big on leg exercises like squat but also biking/running on the spot anything that forces blood to the lower region and thus the penis.

    Supps? Well if they work for you keep using them if you find something likewise in ur diet then try to do that.

    That’s all i have to say. Figure out what works for you and keep doing it!

    Good luck man!



    No doubt diet is a key component to your recovery, but why are you guys still wanking off? Isn’t that how you got into this mess?



    Thats right, it seems that i need to look deeper than my candida, parasite problem…even though i ruled them out but more work must be done on that area due to the chronic stress that it have been suffering off.

    By the way i have sent you an PM, maybe 2-3 months back about my liver pain…i dont know if you recieved it or not… but i managed to find a way to lower the liver spikes and pain after food.

    Thanks for tips , … All the luck



    As for me, iam dedicated for no MB or ejaculatinJ at all, i have been like this since i joined the forum, but i do go into slips from time to time and control my urges after these slips

    But now even with my excessive work after my Stool test/Nutition, Iam still getting watery nocturnal emission.( so it seems iam still low at absorption)

    the reason of me opening the thread is that my Nocturnal emission = regular ejaculation (in terms of structure), is still the same which is NOT normal at all.



    How did you solve the liver pain?

    I think helping the bowels is the best way to improve liver. Citrus fruits olive oil and bitter herbs fruits and veggies all can help.

    Thats right, it seems that i need to look deeper than my candida, parasite problem…even though i ruled them out but more work must be done on that area due to the chronic stress that it have been suffering off.

    By the way i have sent you an PM, maybe 2-3 months back about my liver pain…i dont know if you recieved it or not… but i managed to find a way to lower the liver spikes and pain after food.

    Thanks for tips , … All the luck



    It varies for me, sometimes its very thick and almost like in the old times, but the usual its watery and much less quantity than when I was “healthty” (I never was lol)



    The most annoying thing when it comes to often ( 3-4 times a week)

    I was free from excessive nocturnal emissions for the last 6 months, my state was around 2-3 a month which is normal

    But now it seems that i have provoked it maybe when i started my Zinc- Magnesium -Potassium intake due to blood deficiency

    I will do a 1 week trail of 100mg of 5HTP, 1 mg of biotin and stop my zinc intake at night and see if it stops the excessive night falls.



    Yes, i do consume 2-4 tlbs of olive oil daily, Vegs are there with my meals.

    But i added Taurine with the artichoke extract for my liver pain, added Glycine (to replace my protein portion of it), and finally NAC..I consumed them for 2-3 months and I feel way better than before and the pain doesn’t occur unless iam angry or when i lose my temper, which is way better than before when it used to occur more often

    my previous regime was

    1- Taurine 500mg x2 with big meals

    2- Glycine 5grams

    3-NAC 1 gram (morning)

    4-Arthicoke extract 400mg

    Currently Iam on

    1-Digestive Enzymes

    2-Taurine 500 once , with a big meal

    and of course you may need to look and observe the food, for me peanut butter , almond butter , food that is rich with artificial colors and flavors can trigger the pain which is linked if iam not mistaken to the Bile.



    Mine was normal and thick back then…up till 2007

    the regular semen is thick and become liquid after 30-60 min, this can also leads us to a point that maybe our semen comes dead because of body temperature/? ( to Lo or to Hi )

    Trust me you are healthy, the quantity can be related to prostate ….if its swollen then it might be less or more, if the candida , bacteria managed to travel to the urinary tract from our gut…then this can also affect the quantity.

    Diet and health state (hormones and its band) as you already aware off,



    , would it be safe to say that masturbation affects the absorption of nutrients? It may take the nutrients that may be used for other parts of the body and use it to produce more sperm. so for example, if one were to masturbate once a day everyday then they may be unhealthy compared to someone who didn’t masturbate at all, of course assuming all things being equal (diet, exercise, sleep).



    Daily means 30 day = 30 ejaculation

    its a over masturbation, which can lead other glands to be exhausted, put the digestive system and nervous system under huge pain.

    in general it depends on the person body, but sooner or later if he is stabilized on this sick routine he will crack, the timing is a variable.

    the same thing for smoking, heavy stress , lack of sleep, poor diet and other bad habits.

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