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    I’m looking for some advice on which products to use to overcome my erection problems.

    about two years ago they came up after some heavy over-masturbation and drug abuse. stupid, I know but at that time I didn’t know anything.

    weak erections, pe, anxiety and penile numbness/pain on one side made me look for solutions on the internet, since my doctors/urologists said it would all heal in time and there was nothing wrong with my penis.

    well there is!

    I came across dr. Lin’s actionlove website and have been using ViaPal HgHp, detoxia and 5-htp for 6 months now. Result: anxiety is mostly gone, more energy, no more pe.

    But the main problems, weak erection and no spontaneous erections and penile pain are still there.

    Time I think to try something else.

    I’ve been reading ‘s solutions and was wondering if there are other people beside him that overcame their impotence with his suggestions.- Tribex, L-arginine, 5 Htp, multivitamins.

    Because I have spend quite some money on Lin’s products and they gave me not enough result.

    Please advise.

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    Oh, forgot one sympton, I have to pee every 20 minutes to make the pain go away; however my doctor did a blood test and concluded I had no blatter problems. when I asked him what else could cause the pain he said well maybe scar tissue, it will go away he says, but that was one year ago and I’m still having the peeing urge/pains. maybe a pge-1/2 problem? what do you think?






    thanks for the info!

    I did have a bloodtest on testosteron which was 465 and was according to the doctor in the normal range.

    what do you think about ‘s suggestion to do weight training?

    I have read just the opposite in Lin’s site who claims that you should not do that because it takes away testosteron to other muscles instead of keeping it for erections.



    465 is not very high even though it sounds normal. how old are you rob. weigh training is good as long as you don’t exceed 40-45 minutes. its true that test does go to support your muscles but its far more complex than that



    , how old are you? your testosterone level should be 600 or higher depending if you are still young. 465 could be low enough to cause erection problems for you.



    I am allready 36, but too young to be without erections.

    so I don’t know , maybe 465 for my age is ok.

    I think I will still be giving the W scheme a go.

    Or is it better to try Alpha gpc?



    465 still sounds low to me. yeah you could try alpha GPC for better erections. but u have to increase your test levels up a notch



    regarding you peeing every 20 minutes, did your doctor check your prostate and do some urine tests.

    also is your penis curved or bent by any chance. the oil can help with the pains and scar tissue but you also need frequent erections



    For testosterone, I’d go with ActivaTe and Rebound Reloaded. The results that were produced from these two products were outstanding. I just recieved mine in the mail yesterday, and I’ll be starting them as soon as I’m back from holidays.

    P.S. You can order them off http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/index.html



    Would you still bother with Tribex ?



    No wayyyy. Tribulus is barely proven to even be effective at raising testosterone. I’ve joined the bodybuilding world, and I’ve found dozens of WORKING alternatives. ActivaTe and Rebound Reloaded are one of these alternatives. =)



    I did have a urine test but this showed no blatter problems.

    I did not have a prostate check, could this be causing the pain symptons in my penis/lower belly?

    I have a slight curve to the left.

    It looks like there are quit a number of bodybuilders or heavy weight trainers on this forum; I have been thinking of going that way to, just to improve my erection problem but I’m not sure if this is good or bad for erections. I do not want to make it any worse.

    Supposedly I have prostate problems, is it wise to use tribex or other testosterone enhancers?

    Also, bedwards, are you saying tribex is crap? because after reading through these forums many people here are using it based on W’s good results.

    I am getting confused now with all these different opinions; we have dr. Lin, W, I mean who is right? Has anyone on this forum ever gotten good results? please let me know…looking for some hope to grasp on to.

    I just want to get my life back am fed up with the way this impotency is ruining just about everything in my life now.






    Ok good, can you tell me which products they are?




    Do not use Tribulus products, such as Tribex. They simply aren’t as effectivate as the majority of people think. =)



    i took tribulus ages ago. one word can summarize it for you. Rubbish. unless you are drinking lots of water that peeing every 20 minutes suggests that something is wrong here. you should definitely get it checked out.

    if your curvature is slight then i don’t think it should be a problem

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