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    I think I might start lifting cause I’m pretty fuckin skinny and I’ve got some friends here who invited me to join them. I’d be going just about every day, but working different muscle groups on different days. For example, I just did chest, triceps, and some shoulders today. Another day would be biceps, back, and abs and legs on the next. Are there any implications I should be concerned about since I have a pretty bad case of sexual exhaustion? I felt like a such a fucking weakling today in the gym compared to the other guys there and other college kids in general and I really want to change that if possible.

    I also thinking I’m gonna start doing tai chi- a good buddy of mine from back home who knows about my condition highly recommends it.

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    Good to hear from you again dude

    I started lifting in the past month or so. I don’t really follow a routine, and don’t hit sets till failure. So I’m not lifting to gain muscle, just maintain what I got till this is over. When I stop reps before failure I don’t really burn out after the workout but still feel good after. It’s definitely feels better to lift then not to lift. Sometimes I swim too instead of the workout, once or twice a week. Doesn’t burn you out either, good for cardio. So that’s me.. I suggest you lift by a program, just don’t go 100% till this is over.



    Glad to be back bro. Sorry i’ve been MIA for a while.

    I agree- I really don’t think lifting is gonna hurt us at this point unless were too low in hormones to produce the new muscle and we burn out what we’ve got left. But then again if that’s the case then were pretty fucked and we don’t really have much to lose anyways. I honestly don’t think this is ever gonna be “over”; I’ve kinda just accepted it for what it is. We just have to make the most of what we’ve got and realize that we’re all burnt out, and if we strive to live our the lives to the best our abilities then the rest will fall into place.



    its good that you accept it. But this can definitely be “over” or at least improved. I don’t know if you got a chance to see some of the posts from the past month. This guys Chris just came on here and shared his story. He’s been dealing with SE for 10 years on his own. All possible problems. Low test, high E2, adrenal fatigue, PE, SE.. F*ck lol.

    So he got tested for everything. Started fixing adrenals first. With pregenolone and dhea cream. Meanwhile supplementing with trytophan and gaba and and all that stuff. He tried to fix testosterone naturally but didn;t happen, so he went on TRT eventually along with everything you need to lower E2 like DIM. When his T kicked in along with adrenals he started pretty much feeling great. Then I think he took something for thyroid as well. And that’s it. No more shrinkage, good sex drive, feeling good, hitting the gym…

    So there you go. Even though this is an extreme case and he has to take that stuff for life, its still a solution. Your and my cases are probably not as severe so we probably don;t need TRT, just perhaps fix adrenals and neuros..

    a good start is to get tested for everything. And there’s some motivation for you. Pretty much any deficiency can be healed. Worst case is that you can;t fix it naturally, then you can always hop on TRT. It’s for life, but worth it if you ask me..



    yea i hear u man, but i still haven’t really heard of a case that was fixed naturally. the TRT is definitely worth it for severe cases, but as u said its for life and that isn’t really a viable option for me right now as an 18 year old. i’m not saying that there’s no hope or anything, it’s just extremely complicated and far beyond our comprehension, and maybe even beyond our current level of medicine (we don’t know because they haven’t researched the subject adequately). hopefully we’ll be able to figure out some breakthrough soon, or at least find a better way to deal with all this.



    tai chi is a healing art so i’d rather concentrate on it.

    i dont’t think weight lifting does much healing.

    it’s a common mistake to start hard exercise before you have worked out the tensions in the body. Everyone has more or less tension and weight lifting has the tendency to make the body more tense.




    I agree with nicolas

    just do not exhaust your body…light exercises only

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