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    hey thanks for the last advice. But now thing have changed.. my girlfriend and i have had sex even had a little oral involved, it was great, but in the back of my head in was worried that i could not finish because it would go down. ( it never did) we went for about 30min.-45min. she came tired and wanted to do it later. 🙁 when later came i was in the mood as far as my mind was in to it, buttt my body well it wasn’t.. 👿 i felt like just leaving. the weird thing about it was my goin area was hurting and so was my nutts. I know that my testerone levels is low i think it was a 100 when a guy my age should be conciderably higher( at least the dr. told me that a 32 yr old low is normally 600). so is there anything out there that is cheaper than a dr. visit to get a shot of testerone? and would that be all of my problems? I have lost the interest, and the ability for sex. i would like to feel 10 yrs younger in this department. i have also read about andropause for young men, that kinda sounds like what i have. whats the cure????

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    You can always try Tongkat Ali. Its relatively easy to raise testosterone but I really doubt this will solve the problem. There are multiple factors involved in the erection process and a single supplement rarely solves the problem.

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