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    Everyone talks about testosterone, and all other kinds of stuff, but what about Human Growth Hormone?, isnt that another hormone that the sexually exausted are also extremely deficient in?

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    It is, but usually correcting low thyroid and low testosterone will bring up GH levels, if they dont then you experiment with it.

    my starting IGF1 was very low like 140 now its 313 last test.



    oh i see, didnt know correcting testosterone and thyroids can bring up GH levels, intresting, i thought that was a whole problem on its own.



    Wheres your testosterone running at these days max? when was the last time you tested?



    I should have my new results in a week, im thinking its around 650-750..



    Low thyroid = Low test & High blood sugar

    thyroid & Adrenals are he most important

    I have red that Marjoram Helps Aiding your Adrenal Gland according to Muslims sciences.

    Replacment hormone may also help in both cases for ur thyroid and adrenal

    Associated wit these nutrients:-




    with Ghrp-6 have notice much fuller erections and faster reactions time between blowing loads. Taking it a step further for increases dopamine response and other tricks up my sleave. Honestly every one over 30 should be on ghrp-6 as maintaince for optimal health.



    Hey hardasnails, arent you on anabolic minds??



    I am all over this freaken internet..yes aka matrix



    Ive seen on other forums HAN that people said the have had consultations with you or something? what do you do exactly? are you a doctor?



    I Have red that too Akiravp.



    I’m a medical consultant that works with MD’s and other Dr’s in helping them identify the cause of the problem by looking at factors out side the typical medical spectrum. I look at the person at deeper level to find the cause vs symptoms. I have help 100,000’s of thousands of people over the past 6-7 years with complex health issues dr’s could not resolve or where looking in wrong spot. Actually I have an office now that people can come and visit me one on one if they want to. Yes unfortunately I can not share every thing on every post but just general information. Business is expanding at expotiental rate with high rate of sucess in many people. I work with one of most laid back dr’s who listens to what the patients says.



    Where is your office located exactly? how could i consultate with you?



    I can be contacted at matrixhealthandwellness@gmail.com

    I am located out side of philadelphia PA.

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