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    can someone explain what eye floaters exactly are?

    my english isn’t that good so i dunno what it exactly means

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    its when alittle web like object is floating in your vision. Its not that big, but it can be annoying. I remember I went to an eye doctor for it and they told me its from a damaged retina but then I came here and found out its from over masturbation…lol.



    i thought eye floaters were sensitivity to outside light (uv rays)



    Max Nope…its an actually thing that floats in your vision, hence the name. I’ve had them for awhile, never knew it was due to masturbation…or thats what it says on these online sites.



    Eye floaters result from deficiency of acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA and excessive epinephrine in the retina or nervous inflammation.



    eye floaters is actually a deficiency of dopamine



    It can also result in ight sensitivity. I believe because the floaters scatter the light before they hit your retina. I also get “star burst” from reflections off of glass.

    Mine got better when I recovered for about 6 months, but now they are back.

    Dr.Lin stated that it is from a deficiency in acetycholine. I’m not sure what the reason is, but it is definately connected and it will go away when you recover. There is actually an “Eye Floater” forum, and many people on that forum believe it is related to stress. So it could be from Cortisol.



    In my bad days, I remember every ejaculation worsened my eye floaters terribly. I too think, they are the result of deficiency in spinal fluids ( semen ), anti- inflammatory hormones, deficiency of vital nutrients ( neurochemicals, hormones ), kidney ( yin ) deficiency ) and possibly liver problems ( anger turns liver and adrenals inflammatory causing floaters ). They have not much to do with eyes itself.



    eye floaters is actually a deficiency of dopamine and eye floaters is actually a deficiency of dopamine. From masturbation you are completly lost your mind. Quack spread this stupidity and you belive that. Floaters are from vitreous where you have there neurons? Only deficienty in neurotransmiter can cause more awarness of floaters that all.

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