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    i just wanted to know what organ supplements are?

    where can i get these-

    3 organ delight, 6 testicle, 3 adrenal as is posted in a recovery log

    are they any good?

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    Its extracts from sheep and bovine adrenals thyroidtestes

    for some,it do support the body…but thyroid and adrenal extracts must be consumed carefully (check for overdosing symptoms) , because they act similarly to meds and its a perfect alternative for some ppl




    shell, did you ever try them? do you know brands which sell these…….



    never tried them

    i have seen a member 4-5 months ago who mentioned that he tried adrenal extract and noticed good erections, and improved stamina (less fatigued), old members have also tried it….but in the end the results vary

    i will try to find his thread and post it back



    You got it from LeeYang’s post right?

    Dude you do not seem to understand. Seriously man!!

    You are blindly shooting in the dark and taking things that worked for someone else. Give me one good reason why you want to take organ extracts. Because it worked for LeeYang? do you know exactly what his condition was? do you know his blood test results?

    Taking adrenal extracts when your adrenals are working fine is just going to screw you over. That’s all I can say.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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