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    what damage would masturbation to the brink of ejaculation, but then stopping.. do to you? this is to the point where you begin to feel the spasms but stop

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    Among these are unnatural methods of inter-course, which, if long continued, tend to bring on either impotence or other serious weaknesses associated with congestion of the prostate gland and other parts of the generative system. The most widespread of these practices is coitus interruptus, often spoken of as “withdrawal.” This consists in terminating the sexual relation just previous to the climax, or moment of highest in-tensity. This naturally involves a severe shock to the nerve centers concerned and cannot fail to be injurious both locally and to the general system. It is debilitating to the man, but it is usually an outrage upon the woman. The relation, if entered into at all, should be carried through in an absolutely natural manner, resulting in the orgasm or climax being experienced by both husband and wife. If this does not occur, then it is devitalizing in its effect. Men who practice this method of intercourse for a term of years gradually experience a lessening of power, the ejaculation either being retarded or becoming more and more premature, and also develop a train of symptoms characteristic of nervous disorders as well as digestive and other functional disturbances.




    theres a point between your scrotum and your anus,,when pressure is applied directly before ejaculation..it stops the process and the semen is reabsorbed back into your body..this is of much interest to us all..no loss of energy..infact a gain in energy.



    time i thought i read someone that dr.lin said you keep doing that, it’ll cause harm.



    has been done for 1000″s of years ive heard,the prostate is emptyed and the orgasim complete..sounds good to me



    research it..



    it is said that this would be true about vitex

    i haven’t noticed anything spectacular or out of the ordinary after two weeks of taking this



    they sasid it might take a couple of weeks for it to take effect.

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