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    I’m 23 and now think I have been sexually exhausted for the past 3 years. The following are the main symptoms I experience:

    – weak and difficult to maintain erections

    – no or extremely poor morning and spontaneous erections

    – low sensitivity in the penis

    – low libido

    – excessive precum

    – some penile shrinkage

    The last time of testing my T level was around 481 ng/dl. I have tried reducing masturbation to once or maybe twice a week for a period of time and have also tried several of Dr Lin’s products to no avail. I just feel like I am really burnt out and the whole sexual exhaustion theory seems to offer the most logical explanation.

    Can someone suggest the right supplements I should try taking? I would also appreciate any advice on where to order these from (I’m in UK). Thanks…

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    , the symptoms you have, are exactly the same as what I had. Do everything recommended there, and also start on good testosterone boosters. I’m going to take Rebound XT, with Alpha Male and ZMA.



    Thanks for the replies guys. I’m sick of being like this and just want to recover. Doctors are no help at all.

    , are the Fish Oils in Holland & Barrett of a high enough quality? I’ve tried these in the past without much benefit and found, if anything, they were killing off my libido. I think this might be to do with the Vitamin E found in them. Also when on other Serotonin boosters such as 5HTP I felt like I was a lot mentally slower as if they were sedating me. Any thoughts on this?

    , what would you say is the best testosterone boosting supplement I can obtain that is readily available? Would you say my T level needs a quite large boost?

    Thanks again






    Thanks . Which is the best Alpha GPC at vitacost to buy? Also what Craniyums should I be getting have you tried these?

    I’m also taking 5g of Arginine per night for the Nitric Oxide. I’m currently getting this from Holland & Barrett which is working out quite expensive. Is there anywhere to bulk buy Arginine from? Is powder better than capsules? Am I right that I need to have akg in it? Are there other NO boosters such as Ornithine which are better?






    Thanks a lot ! I’ll make some orders and let you know how I get on.



    Im really worried about taking alot of supplements everyday, but Im ready to get over this step in my life. Can i increase, or raise my testosterone levels naturally>? What are the best ways besides weight lifting



    the suppls bedwards mentioned are the best way to increase your test naturally. you need to get your blood testosterone levels checked first before taking anything.



    Be careful with Rebound XT and other ATD based supplements, they are known to kill libido in many people who use them – much more so than 6oxo or formestane.



    i have an excess of test in my body so using these supplements won’t pretty much do anything



    ATD-based supplements have been known to lower libido, which does worry me. But for some people, it has no effect. I have been deciding whether or not I’m going to take Rebound XT, and I still haven’t decided. But it’s up to you. I’d use it mainly for my weight training, but I know it will also boost my testosterone to a proper level.



    bedwards have u tried some of the super concentrated alpha male?



    The Nano-Dispersion capsules?




    not sure, but i think its those ones. its got more potency pretty much



    Yes, they are the newest ones. I had them.



    Another test booster that’s herbal is Diesel Test, and it’s not based solely on tribulus. It’s gone through three formulations and they’ve had customers do blood tests on the first two formulas so far. They’ve shown substantial increases in testosterone.

    The newest formula, Diesel Test 2010, which is supposedly stronger doesn’t have blood work yet, so the results and testimonials are based on the older forumals.


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