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    Im still in the research stages trying to develop an understanding of all this. I want somthing in proper english unlike Dr. Lins poor explinations – his spelling and sentance structure is terrible and makes it hard to follow. I swear he does it on purpose so we are unable to figure out cures!

    So far I have come up with his:

    Increase PGE-1, Decrease PGE-2 – To sooth the damage/inflamation incured on the sex organs.

    Increase GABA, Acetylcholine & Serotonin levels – To proper our brain functioning and its connection with the sex organs.

    Is there anything I missed? Once I know everything I can figure out exactly what I need to do or take. I want to draw up a plan and stick to it. I am presuming we all have the same problem. Personally my erection could be better and my staying power could be a lot better and I want my precum to dissapear! We are all suffering from self abuse here, but some are far worse than others.

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    the problem can in some cases be associated with the endocrine system as well.



    What is the endocrine system?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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