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    I am finally taking Diazepam Leo 5mg every night since tonight prescribed by the doctor for the insomnia. It was just too much to handle, I couldnt even go to university because of the dizzyness and headaches. My father begin insulting me again, he says I dont have enough “cojones” Boy, when this SEXUAL HOLY SHIT EXHAUSTION is over they all gonna shut their fucking mouth.

    But I hate psyquiatric medicine. It fucks you up. And I wanted to know your thoughts about this product

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    before I suggest a Dr administering any psych drug I would run a urinary neurotransmitter panel, which know I am able to run with people which may be covered by some insurances.



    Doctors laugh every time I mention an urinay neurotransmisor test…

    Thats the situation in Spain, I know it is not the worse though.

    Of course that I am insured.

    Anyway I will tray to get the neurotransmisor and adrenals soon.

    In the meantime I need to take this fucking crap.

    But please hardas, tell me what you know about Diazepam.

    I know it has something to do with GABA but I want to know what a informed person has to say about it.



    its prescribed for anxiety , instead you can try to take 5HTP with P5P(active form of b6) it can reduce your anxiety at nigth.

    I have tried it and its more than good, eventually 5HT converts to melotoinin so this can help if there is any problem with low melatonin which is expected in us



    Thanks !



    If anyone is interested and for future lurking purposes, I am off Diazepam.

    It will mess with dopamine,serotonine and HGH if used long term. Even taking only this time worsed my ED.

    I need a potent alternative for insomnia, and I mean POTENT. Cortisol is killing me, no doubt.




    I don’t know if you’ve tried this already, but what about Melatonin.

    They’ve helped me a hell of a lot over the months. I just keep a 1mg bottle next to my bed with a glass of water and if i’ve been trying to get to sleep for longer than 1 hour, gulp one down.

    I know 1mg might not sound like much but healthy young and middle-aged adults usually only secrete about 5 to 25 micrograms of melatonin each night, so 1mg is still at least 40 times more than you would normally secrete.

    It’s up to you to find the right one though as people seem to get a different reaction to each brand.

    The one i’m using is puritans pride brand.

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    Hope this helps



    Thanks a lot lee! I appreciate that you take some time to help me

    I used melatonin in the past and it worked but it was less potent than diazepam. I stopped taking it because I heard that taking melatonin long term will shut down your normal release of it.

    But thinking again, my normal release of it is actually very low and maybe it is something chronic and I wouldnt mind take it for life.

    Ok, I am trying melatonin again. I hope that in my town they have a good brand, because in my experience, they only sell crappy brands as Solaray



    Yeah the correct brand can make all the difference.

    If you take melatonin every night for a couple of weeks you might find it a little harder to get to sleep without it for no longer than a week say, but then you’ll be back to how you was before taking it.

    My advice is to just use melatonin when your having those particularly bad nights or if you wake up through the night and can’t get back to sleep.

    Try to just use 1mg aswell, there’s no need to use anymore imo.

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